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Hello Sir,
Wonder if Hitfilm have Stroke or Animated Handwriting effect like Adobe After Effect have?   I would like to use Stroke line to be animated with airplane on the map to show.

If Hitflim does,  how can I do?

Many Thanks!



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    Hitfilm doesn't have a stroke effect, but, if you're looking for something like this:

    Well, all I did was go into photoshop, create my line, save it out as a PNG and animate a mask to uncover it. Heck, I made my line a 3D layer, put it above my map and added a bit of 3D extrusion to the line. From deciding to do that animation to collecting assets to animation/render took 30 minutes. If I wanted to take another 10 minutes I could have refined the mask so the line drew a bit more evenly, but it was a concept test.

    There's also this map:

    In this case I am using the particle simulator (point emitter, 0 velocity) to draw my lines. The emitter and plane model are all parented together.

    And there's this:

    In this case, yes, there's a lot of text that keeps getting in the way, but, again, using the particle simulator to draw and animate my travel line. Again, a point emitter and velocity 0 particles. Two points are used to animat the line. The first point goes directly from point A to B on the map. The second point is pusing the line sideways to kind of match the coutours of the coast. I was under a very tight deadline for this, but, again, another 30 minutes could have really refined that nicely. In this case there's also some heavy Depth of Field going on.

    So who needs a stroke effect, since there's at least three other ways to do it?

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    This is a different fun way to do it as well and could be more organic looking I just used a screen capture program to capture me drawing in gimp or whatever you like white on a black background then just mask out the background when you import it to hitfilm, you can also capture the cursor and use that as a tracking point.  I just tracked the scene in mocha with hitfilm and then positioned the plane in line with the floor, you could easily then overlay a fire effect or do graffiti etc.  Probably easier to do what Triem suggested for your scenario but this could be good as well depending on teh scene.

  • @Mark_E very clever, sir. Good idea! 

  • Ooh, interesting idea, @mark_e!

  • @Triem23 ;

    Apologies for the thread Necro.

    On the frodo map, was it just ONE mask that you used to reveal this complex line?  

    I've only accomplished similar reveals that were strictly right and left or up and down using positioning of the mask itself.

    But you're animating a scribbles here. Seems more complex.


  • @Hictor I think it's one mask, bit a freehand mask with several points. A combination of moving the mask and animating keyframes. I'm a hemisphere away from my computer for the next few weeks, so I can't look at the original project file, but the animation was pretty sloppy and fast.

  • @Hictor if you have HitFilm Pro you could also use the neon path effect with a freehand mask to create the lines

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