Color grading: HELP!

Hi guys, the footage attached here is a sample of a musical clip I'm editing:
Few problems here:
1. The several first shots (done with Sony rx100 v) are somewhat over exposed, very yellowish and overall doesn't look good. How can I fix or balance this?

2. the next couple of shots (of the singer, when she starts to sing) are done with Sony A7sII so overall it look better, but there's a major difference in color and light between the shots of each camera.
This problem continues later on as well whenever I mix in the rx100 shots (only here and there - it was not the main camera while shooting),
how can I minimize the color differences or even match the color between the shots?

Would like to get any ideas and Technics! keep in mind that I'm only on a moderate level of editing so any detailed walk-through would be very, very helpful for me.
Thank you all


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