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Hay sorry to be a bother but i have been poking around and i decided to just ask here if someone knew how to perhaps make the plasma/warp blade effect from the protoss in starcraft 2. even if its much less quality i would appreciate something similar to that energy beam effect. any assistance would be greatly appreciated


  • Do you have a link of some sort that shows the blade in question?

    Been forever since I played that.

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    here is a image of zeratul's blade

    and here is a scene where zeratul walks around and fights with it and fights with it from 0:00 to 0:45
    dont know if there is much more that i can do to help but i'd just like something like the energy blade where it begins large and moves down to a razor like edge with some nice energy esk effect. hopefully this helped

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  • The base is quite like a lightsabre/sword with some extra distortion added on top. You could make the triangle shape with multiple light thingies joined to a single tip and a spread out base. Also add a plane with some fractal noise or heat distortion tracked to the same points.

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     ok this may sound dumb but, lets say i dont have the sci'fi pack. could i perhaps use something like. lightning and electricity effects and have their end points joined together at a single motion tracked point?

    nevermind, think i figured that out. thanks for the help again though :)

  • That would also work. You can turn the number of branches and sub branches down to get a straight line with the Lightning &Electricity Effect (I use it to draw lines) but if left some wiggle and branches in there you'd get something interesting. Add different amounts of (Heat?) distortion between lines (on separate layers?) and mix it up a bit. Be nice to see what you come up with. :)

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    Isn't the Lightsword in base HFE 2017? Lighting works also, but Lightsword renders with fake 3D positioning, so you get perspective without manually keying Lightning width. Otherwise, as you figured out, you can chain multiple Lightning (or Lightswords) to a common point rig. 

    Whether Lightning or Lightsword. I recommend turning glow opacity and radius to 0 and adding separate Glow effects later. Otherwise you'll get hot spots where the Lightsword/nings overlap. 

    @Palacono gave great advice about Heat Distortion, but in that filter's settings, you'll want to turn Diffusion to 0. Otherwise you'll get soft areas wrong for what you want to create.

    You could also try masking a plane to a triangle, adding Fractal Noise (try the Energy or Fluid types) for texture, and parenting that to your point rig. 

  • @Triem23 yes the basic lightsword is in hitfilm express 2017

  • @HIS_Films i checked for the lightsword effect and its not there unless im missing it. though i am using hitfilm express 4. is it the same 2017? i'll update to that one to be sure

  • Mortimer, correct HF4E required an add on for Lightsword. Upgrade to Hitfilm Express 2017. It's free. Use the same email address you used for HFE4, so any add-ons you do have carry forward. 

  • Yea the lightswords are only in Express 2017

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