Full path (location) of the imported media?


A newbie question: how do I know the location (full path name) of the imported media clip?  

I imported a media clip (say c:\a\001.mp4) into the editor in Express.  The clip shows its file name 001.mp4, but I have a bunch of files with the same name (say c:\b\001.mp4 etc), and I'd like to identify which one I used, later on.  So how can tell the path location?  

I expected to see a pop up of Properties or something by right-clicking, but there seems no such thing.  

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  • @OhYeahQ ; If you right click on the media in the media panel the bottom option is for "properties" and it brings up a box with the particulars including the full path of that asset.  Hope this helps you out.

  • Thanks for your lightening-fast reply!  Is there a way to have access from the clip in the editor? 

    Here's my situation: I have loaded a bunch of different 001.mp4 into the editor, so there are many 001.mp4 clips in the editor, and many 001.mp4 in the media panel (in different folders that I created there) too.  I quickly get confused which corresponds to which.  I'd like to identify them from the clips in the editor panel.  

    Any clue?  

    BTW Hitfilm is GREAT!!!!!!


  • @OhYeahQ ; After a quick look see at a project on the Editor line, the only thing I see that would help differentiate the clips would be the duration.  If you right click a clip in the Editor and then click on Speed/Duration it will show the time of that clip and then you can look in the media panel at the time code there and match it as long as there doesn't happen to be more then one with the same name and the same time.  Afraid it's the only way I see to do that.

  • Right clicking media files in the media bin and selecting Rename would let you, well, rename the individual files. I believe this changes the file name on the drive, but am away from my computer and can't check that. 

    The snotty suggestion is to not open a lot of stuff with the same file name in the first place. In pro film/tv production there's a poor guy with the job description of "logger" or "shot logger." Among the logger's duties is to give each media file a unique filename. You don't have to go that far, but your Operating System should have batch renaming, so you actually should be able to quickly rename all clips in a folder before import into Hitfilm. This would be something for the NEXT project as doing that now would cause Hitfilm to lose track of what's already in the project and you'd have to relink everything manually. 

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  • Thank you guys for suggestions.  It helps!  My trouble comes from my camera's simple-minded auto naming, plus my own laziness.  

    Unique renaming will help me out and certainly look more professional.  

    @ToyRifle50: Maybe you'd better look into FAQ or ask at some other thread, but this one might help you:




  • To follow up on the renaming tip from @Triem23, renaming entries in the media bin does not rename the original file.  It only changes the name inside of HitFilm.  That said, his comment about renaming the originals before starting the project is spot on.  ;)

  • Simple renaming trick in Windows: 
    Highlight all the clips from your camera for a particular day/scene/whatever, then rename just one of them to e.g. "Something Unique and Helpful" and all of them will be renamed to "Something Unique and Helpful (1)", "Something Unique and Helpful (2)" etc.

    As a particularly lazy method it's surprisingly helpful. ;)

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