Fade out (Video and Audio)

So I'm trying to fade out 2 layers of video, and one layer of audio. I found the transitions (fade for audio and fade to colour for video), which work fine, except they fade out so quickly. Is there a way to lengthen the fade? It seems like it should be fairly simple, but I was surprised to find no online tutorials/guides for this subject.

Thanks in advance


  • When you have the fading transitions placed on the video, you can just drag their start and end points to make them last longer and thus fading out slower.

  • Thanks for the quick reply! I managed to drag out the transistion, but for no longer than 4 seconds? Is that the maximum fade out length, because I'd prefer it to be longer.

  • If you need to do a longer fade, you can keyframe the opacity bar to set it up manually to any duration you need. The same is true of the Levels on the audio track. 

  • You can also use the timeline graph features.

    Just control-click the grey line that goes throughout the clip to add a point. (Since this line starts at the top, its easy to not even know it's there-but this page from the help does a pretty good job explaining it.) Then go out to the place you want the fade to complete and control-click another point. Now you can drag that one down to create a fade. You can also drag it left or right on the timeline to adjust the length of the fade. 

    I swear by this technique, and once you've started to use it I think you'll find its very useful for all sorts of stuff- from cross fading between video tracks to to smoothing and leveling out disparate audio layers. 

  • @ZedFable heh. Wish I had known that technique two days ago. Good tip! 

  • @Triem23: Thanks! Its one of those things that is in Hitfilm, but not alot of people seem to be looking for it. Coming from Vegas (where they called almost the exact same thing 'envelopes') I was looking for it and was really happy to see it in HF2. Its pretty versatile- in addition to the obvious video stuff, in audio it's invaluable. You can cut out pops or background noise, level dialog from people who speak at different volumes... Sometimes when you edit footage, you'll get unsightly changes in your background noise that are a dead giveaway they came from different clips. In that case, I'll take some background noise, cut it out then loop it on a separate track. Then I can use the slider to bring it down so that its not really noticeable but totally sells it being all one scene. 

  • Yeah, I am a Vegas editor myself, so seeing a similar function in Hitfilm is. Vegas's opacity/volume bar and fade sliders make a lot of edit tasks easier. 

  • @ZedFable for the record (and you might already do this) In Vegas, I never bother with volume envelopes. Instead, I split the clip, adjust the opacity/level bar (which, of course, changes the graphic waveform) then drag out the clip handles to overlap and let Vegas's auto transition handle the fade. Easier, faster and a little more visual than adding keys to the envelope. Group the subclips if needed. Boy, do I love Vegas editing compared to most other NLE's.

    For different BG noise--always remember to record some tone in a location... just a 30 second shot with no one talking. Then you can add that back in to smooth different noise between different shots.plus one loop of consistent tone in a scene helps blend. Often I'll batch out dialog as WAV's go into Sound Forge and use Noise Reduction there. eliminate some noise there.

  • How do I fade audio on Hit Films Express. I am just learning how to use the program and am not sure how to do what is described above...


  • This is an old thread. 

    The easiest way would be to use the Fade audio transition.

    The other way would be to use the volume bar being described above. Add your control points to the volume bar and adjust as required. Example shown below does a linear fade out.


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