Vague error when trying to update Express 2017

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I downloaded the updated Express 2017 and attempted to install (without uninstalling the previous version; the installer should do this automatically if it's important IMO). An error was encountered and the installation was "rolled back" but didn't restore the old version so now I can't move forwards or backwards.

The error isn't very informative as seen below. Anyone else get this? Restarting the PC did not help.

Edit: does anyone have a slightly older version they could put in Dropbox or Box or something so I can download and try to install that? Thanks in advance!


  • I've consulted one of my colleagues, and his suggestion is that the installer is failing to install DirectX. Running the .msi as an Admin usually fixes the issue. But .msi cannot be run as an Admin by default, you need to enable that:

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    Thanks. If I open the .msi as an administrator, the following window opens. If I click okay, nothing appears to happen. Does it need to be installed from the command line?



    Edit: If I run from the command line (CMD opened as administrator) and the installer GUI starts, it runs into the same problem as before. Perhaps the elevated CMD does not launch the msi with admin privileges though.

    C:\Windows\system32>cd /d "H:\Downloads - 01-03-2005"

    H:\Downloads - 01-03-2005>HitFilmExpress2017_x64_5.0.7012.39363.msi

  • @THX1139 - What exactly is the installer failing to install when the error shows? (You can move the error dialog out of the way)

    I've seen this before as Dan stated with Directx failing, running the .MSI as an Admin has fixed it on all occasions. The users were on Windows 10 though, is this the case for you also? If not, what OS are you running?

  • "XAudio2 (DirectX)"

    I am using Windows 10.

    Have I successfully run the .MSI as an Admin though? I opened it from a command prompt which I had opened as an Admin but does that actually start the .MSI as an Admin also?

  • @THX1139 - From what you've posted it doesn't seem like you've run the .MSI as an Admin correctly no. Maybe try going through the instructions again?

  • I ran through the instructions and correctly added "Install as administrator" to the context menu when holding shift. If I run this then I get the window below and when I click OK, nothing happens. I don't know what else to do at this point. I don't think I've been given any instructions beyond those needed to add "Install as administrator" to the Windows Explorer context menu.

  • @THX1139 - Ok, try these instructions instead:

    It has instructions on how to run it via a command prompt & a zip file that automatically updates the registry for you.

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    This sort of worked, run from an elevated command prompt:

    msiexec /a HitFilmExpress2017_x64_5.0.7012.39363.msi

    but it installed suspiciously fast and is missing the weird web bit that Hitfilm uses as a "home page" and apparently doesn't include my add-ons. It also didn't include Start menu short-cuts.

    I actually think that the command above with nothing but the /a switch does some inappropriate curtailed installation that doesn't include all the stuff you'd get from clicking "Typical" in the normal installation wizard GUI.

    Here's a video of the "installation"!:

    When I tried to uninstall with:

    msiexec /uninstall HitFilmExpress2017_x64_5.0.7012.39363.msi

    I was told "this action is only valid for products which are currently installed" so I don't really know what's happening. The previous command must have run some kind of gimped version of Hitfilm without actually installing it.


  • @THX1139 - I'm not sure why you are getting all this weird behaviour, I have run through these instructions a few times without any issues. :(

    But just to clarify, your add-ons are determined by your license file, not the installation, so you will need to activate again as your license file might have been removed.

    Have you tried using the Registry .zip file which will add a Run as Admin option to the right click menu when clicking on .msi files? 

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    I already manually added this option to the right click menu but I removed the registry key I added and used the registry zip file method instead. This results in the .MSI file launching in the expected fashion when running as administrator, however it still stops at the same point regardless:

  •  @THX1139 - Ok, can you try & install the previous version, don't try to run it as an Admin, just try to install it normally by double clicking on it. You can download it from the link below

  • Unfortunately, it is also stopping at the same place in the installation. :(

    Incidentally, although I ran the installer as non-admin, the "Install" button had a shield superimposed on top of it and I had to authorise the installation in one of those UAC pop-up things. I doubt that is of any relevance but figured I should say since the new version doesn't do that.

    Would it make sense to boot Windows into safe mode and try to install from there?

  • @THX1139 - That is normal, when installing a product it will require admin privileges which is what the shield represents.

    You can certainly try, seems to be a problem unique to your machine as the two people before you that had the issue, solved it by running the .msi as an Administrator.

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    Unfortunately, the "Windows Installer service" or whatever cannot be used in safe mode.

    I tried using Windows Restore to return the system to the state before I tried to upgrade but now Express crashes on launch so still isn't usable. I've sent the crash reports via the built-in crash report uploader.

  • @THX1139 - Are you able to remove the program?

  • I can remove the program following system restore but attempting to reinstall it again produces the same error. After acknowledging the error, the program is immediately automatically uninstalled.

  • Ok, so at the moment the program is not installed. Can you check for a HitFilm Express 2017 folder here: C:\Program Files\FXHOME

    (This is the default location, if your Windows installation differs, please adjust the file path accordingly)

    Is there anything there? If so can you delete it & empty the trash.

    Now can you run Windows Update & make sure your system is fully up to date.

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