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  • @spydurhank- Been praying that you and a bunch of other friends I know in Florida are okay. Sorry to hear about the home damage and even though it's expected during a hurricane it doesn't make it any easier to deal with in the aftermath. I'm relieved to find everyone I know in the sunshine state is intact, person wise, but I hear the property damage was far worse than anything my friends have seen before. Especially the flooding.

    I hope you get things sorted out soon without any hitches. And sorry to hear about having to do some projects over. I can't wait to see the results!!!

  • @tddavis @StormyKnight Thanks for the well wishes. :)

    I assure we're all fine over here, like you said it is expected considering where we live so no tears or complaints from me. We were prepared for it long in advance. We've gotten almost all of the major repairs out of the way and a few minor things are left. :) I personally only lost a Monitor and a few other things in my machine, nothing that is not replaceable though so I'm not totally crippled, just a little slowed down.

    I don't mind starting a few dozen projects over no matter the reason, I see every setback as an opportunity to improve myself. :)


  • @spydurhank- That's a great way to look at it! I too have started projects over for various reasons and had them turn out better the second, third, forth, fifth, etc. times. My high school choir director always said- "Practice doesn't make perfect. You can practice something 100 times but if it's wrong to begin with it's wrong every instance after that. Only perfect practice makes perfect."

    Glad to hear repairs are going quickly!

  • So here is some exiting news from me.

    First, having to start over may not have been such a terrible thing. :)

    Still dealing with property repairs so I haven't done a whole lot of any 3D or vfx stuff.

    What I did do is gonna be massive for anyone who works with 3D models in HFP2017! Yup... massive, I'm talking about we have multi material support per texture set built into HitFilm Pro 2017! Straight out of the box!!! I'm not at all certain if "anyone" is/was aware of this but I just figured it out yesterday and repeated it again about two hours ago. I built a very simple 3D model, textured it and brought it into HFP 2017. This is a hack or a kinda ghetto way of doing it but it works with .fbx and .obj files. Both formats have their pros and cons but the .obj files performance is faster/smoother in the 3D view port and being that this is a dirty hack, I didn't see or notice a performance drop in the .obj but there was a very noticeable slight lag with the .fbx file after changing my project settings from 8bit to 32 bit float... still not bad!

    This my friends changes the game when it comes to 3D models! :)

    I'm gonna take a day or two and experiment with one of my more complex X-wing models to verify a 3rd time that this works.

    Showing is better than telling so I'll record a screencap of the process for anyone that would like to know. It may be a bit of time before I upload it because you know.... life, but I'm working on it.

    I'm just so exited by this because HFP has never been able to import a 3D model with a single texture set but also have multiple materials attached to that single texture set. HFP would merge all materials in a texture set into one unified material so you would be screwed if you had a texture with glass/metal/car paint. Before, you needed a texture set for every material which is insanely cumbersome for 3D modelling/UV unwrapping/Texturing/Rigging, especially if you have a ton of materials on your model and you had to accept that, this is the way things are? All I'm saying is, not any longer!!! :)

    I'm so giddy that I'm gonna fall out of my office chair! :)



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Um. Share? @NxVisualStudio you'll want to know this... 

  • I'm 100% sure everyone will want to know this. :)

    It's funny that an import glitch which won't allow you to do "something", is in fact the very same wonderful thing that allows you to do the "something" which you're trying to do and couldn't seem to do before.  There is a tiny bit of manual stuff that you need to do but it's not painful at all and it actually makes the entire 3D model creation process a ton easier and faster.

    And yes I'm sharing it... that's why I posted it, it's just not gonna be right away. :)


  • It wants the Precious... ;)

  • @spydurhank ; I hope it's as painless as you say...  I still haven't got importing models down yet, and I need something Eeeaaasy.

  •  It's a good thing I'm laying myself in a couple of weeks. I'll have plenty of time to explorer your method @spydurhank. Looking forward to the process reveal.

  • @spydurhank - You've peaked my interest. Can't wait to see what you've worked out!

    Hope all the repairs are quick!

  • Thanks guys, 

    Pretty tired from it all but still making Okay-ish time. :)

  • Installing new Solar panels today. :)

    And oh my gosh guys... oh my gosh! There is good and bad news.

    This multi material per texture set "work around" that I've been tinkering with performs brilliantly and I can't wait to share it with all of you.

    You can sorta see it in the pic below. I built a test model and imported it with a Single texture that has five materials!!! :) That's the good news. :)

    The bad news is that I may have to hold off till the Devs can fix a few things with the latest install of the software that are making it unusable. 

    We will see what happens, fingers crossed. :)

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    Frank, can't you roll back a version? I keep the prior two installers as backups in case a recent version has a glitch. I can provide if you need.

    EDIT FWIW I'm NOT getting the font error you're getting, and I'm NOT having the same issues with the 3D model Import you're having. Everything is working normally for me.

    What's your hardware? I'm running an i7 6700HQ with an Nvidia 980m on Windows 7. My drivers are current, my Windows has all available updates (That was what I was doing this morning--that and tweaking my overclocking settings).

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    @Treim23 I had to Roll back the previous two update versions which were also buggy. I've got this handled dude, many thanks for the offer though ;) 


  • Well, I was installing Windows updates all morning, everything was smooth and without issues... but I'll triple check my drivers again.

    I'm running with a dual Xeon E5-2670 and 3 gtx 970s on a 64bit system.

    My OS is super light.

    I have the regular windows programs

    HitFilm Pro 2017 for video editing and effects.

    Blender, Krita, Gimp, X-normal and a few odds and ends.

    I never overclock.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ok, software we're similar as I've got Blender, Krita, Gimp etc, along with Vegas Pro, PD Howler and OnOne PhotoRaw.

    Now--here's where you may be hitting issues, and where the devs could probably improve. It's my understanding that Hitfilm is optimized for consumer CPUs--i3, i5 and i7--and not for workstation cards like Xeons. There are a few differences in architecture that may be coming into play here.

    Hitfilm doesn't support multiple GPUs, but it really should just be grabbing one of your 970s and ignoring the other two.

    I just ask because (again) I'm getting lucky and not hitting any of the known issues in the last couple of updates, and I've started looking outside Hitfilm for issues, since Windows is considered to be bug-prone compared to Apple (which is solely because Apple restricts the Mac to a narrow range of hardware which makes driver optimization easy--too bad Apple pics terrible hardware. The MacPro 2016 shouldn't have had a 2014 GPU in it.), which comes from PC devs having to deal with something like 10 different CPUs per generation from two different vendors, plus another 6 or 7 GPUs per generation from two different vendors, PLUS the three or four integrated GPUs per generation from two different vendors, PLUS all the different mobos, PLUS maintaining backwards compatibility with the prior 5-10 generations...

    This is the first and only machine I've overclocked--ok, I paid someone else to do the OC, and tonight, poking around, I've discovered that the GPU I paid someone else to overclock actually ISN'T and the jerk faked the benchmark reference he put on the system. I've tried overclocking the system to what he'd CLAIMED to see what happens, but each damn stress test takes an hour.

    I'll shut up. I'm rambling.

  • Clean install fixed it. :)

  • @spydurhank ;  Yikes!!  That's a lot of work.  Glad it paid off for you.  Hope the storm damage work isn't getting you down.  Hang in there...

  • Thanks @tddavis no worries, a fresh windows install fixed everything.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Glad it's fixed. 

  • @Triem23 Didn't see your edit above. Yes, "Windows was being buggy and not HitFilm Pro 2017"

    I slacked on installing manual Windows updates which I do every two to three weeks but I skipped a few sessions before during and after the Hurricane beginning in June or July but I forget. That's when things started to not play nice. I didn't think about it, too tired but Blender Gimp Krita and X-normal were also acting very sluggish... that should have been the sign which let me know that something was wrong with Windows.

    Now I know. :)


  • G.I. Joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooke! :)

  • Can't take any credit, my lady walked in with my Windows install disk and fixed it at around 4 and a half minutes. :)

  • Tracked the UI transparency dialogue bug. It disappears when I deactivate the Windows Aero Theme and or Disable Windows Transparency in my Personalize settings. I'm pretty sure that's what was giving me issues and causing HitFilm to lag and or crash. All good now. :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    "Can't take any credit, my lady walked in with my Windows install disk and fixed it at around 4 and a half minutes. :)"

    And this is why you're marrying her. 

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    @spydurhank - You may have resolved an issue for me that I was having with lagging performance.....I turned off transparencies in personalization and HF is running more smoothly on my laptop now.(?!?!?!?) THANK YOU!!!

    I wouldn't have thought Aeros or transparencies would affect HF in such a way. Strange. Although, about a year ago I posted a pic of a bright spot in the middle of the 3D model set-up window- I suspect that may have been the issue. Ah, hind sight- 20/20 and all that.

    @Triem23 - "And this is why you're marrying her." She's invaluable- hope he doesn't let her get away!


  • Check it... got this for you after finally draining and cleaning the pool. :)

    One Model, one texture set with... seven materials applied to it in HitFilm!!!

    This is so freaking awesome guys!

    It saves texture space so there is no need to actually build lower level of detail versions of models. Faster to UV Unwrap and texture. It's just BETTER! More info coming soon!

    Below you can see that I changed the 7 materials to extreme values which you should never do but it's important to note that "you can." The glass material is transparent.

    I tossed it into a comp with only two lights and an environment map... absolutely no effects and compositing. No light wrap either.


    PBR is no freaking joke in HitFilm!!! Truly underestimated! :)



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Really looking forward to seeing how you put this together.

    Side note. I'm surprised you kept your diffuse and specular colors at 255,255,255. I always (and encourage others) to take any white diffuse/specular down to 50% gray. I've always found a 50% gray works better in Hitfilm. Obviously your results vary. 

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