Hue, Saturation, and Lightness Effect broken

Tried to use the HS&L effect, but only the Master, Red, and Yellow adjustments work.  Is this just me?

HFP-2017 Update 7

Win 10, i7-4790s CPU, 16g ram, R9 290x 8gb GPU


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    They seem to work for me. I am using an Nvidia GPU (GTX 980).

    There can be overlap with colors. For example, often what we see as green is actually adjusted by the Yellow color controls.

  • Here's a quick video illustrating the issue:

    Green, cyan, blue and magenta controls do nothing.  The video shows saturation being adjusted, but the hue and lightness don't appear to do anything either.

    I'll try to narrow it down further when I get a chance.


  • What is the source? Does it actually have all colors considering them mathematically (not visually perceived)?

    Why not try your test using a Belle Nuit or color bars test chart just to make sure.

  • Actually, I'm having the same problem. I just used an alternative for color correction, but I thought about asking. It was working before the latest build, and since I haven't been working on video until now, I didn't notice until this week. I've tried it on both the Win7 and the Win10Pro computers and the sliders do nothing to adjust colors. Neither does changing the numbers via keyboard.


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    Okay. I did a bit of experimenting. It's the slider controls when working in the control tab when using Color Balance, Hue/Sat/Light... (Didn't test the others). The numbers work when used directly in the layer line, but the sliders don't work for me when I use them in the Control Tab Window. (Hope you understand what I mean.) That's on both my Win7 and my new Win10. 

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