Paul D - Rough Road Music Video (Chroma work, mostly)


So this is my first full-fledged music video I've ever done on Hitfilm and, my god, am I happy with t.

While I shot  and edited the green screen work, the rest of the footage shot in miami was by another filmer by the name of Zoe Cartier. There were some color matching issues (some of the shots look too scorched and contrasty) but unfortunately, its all I had to work with. That being said..I'm quite happy otherwise.

IF you feel like helping the singer go viral, please do like and share the video on your facebook.

That being said, I'm absolutely open to feedback. 


  • Bumping in hopes of critique. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Not much feedback from me. I like the invisible car idea, and think the slightly overcontrasted day footage cut nicely with the greenscreen night driving. Keys are very clean. Editing is snappy. The song isn't in any of my preferred styles, but it's well produced and mixed.

    Good work. You should be proud. 

  • I'm humbled! Thank you @Triem23 ;

  • Great job!

  • I like the chromakey work, the songs ok, the jumping from day to night is a bit jarring for me. Maybe some better transitions, like a side swipe might have made it easier on the eye. Any good job.

  • @andy001z Appreciate the honest feedback.

    Transitions were a dilemma for me to be frank. I orginally wantrd to use flashes or cross dissolves but i feared it would be equally jarring or elliptic but i never thought about swipes.

    Thanks again!

  • @Hictor I agree with your thoughts, but I am thinking of those music videos that play on the cut, making it last longer or even half cutting the screen to show both then brining the end shot full screen. Easy to comment, much harder to deliver, so be proud you delivered.

  •  @Hictor Check your lip-syncing. I think it needs tweezing.

  • @DLKuer Woops! I'll have  a look

  • Overall, it looks good.  Some brief comments:

    • +1 to looking at lip sync. Some spots it's on. Others it's way off.
    • I also like the invisible car concept, though it doesn't always work for me.  I think part of it is the lighting.  It feels just a bit too flat/ambient, and it's the same from every angle.  To play up the car concept, the lighting could've been tweaked so it feels like his face and upper body are being lit by the console of this imaginary car.  Look at how nighttime car interior shots are lit for TV and film.  This would create more contrast, and give you some interesting looks, especially for the over-the-shoulder shots, where it would be mostly rim light on his face.
    • For the widest nighttime "car" shots, perhaps you could put a fake shadow below him.  Right now it just feels like he's pasted on the background.
    • Another thing for those wide shots is to track the guy with the footage.  This would have to be done manually, but it would help.  There are subtle camera shifts in that roadway footage, but the guy doesn't move.
    • The opening animated segment is a fun idea, putting the title and such on the overhead road sign, but it goes by way too quickly before it's out of frame.  Not nearly enough time to read it.
    • This is a filmmaking pet peeve of mine, but the "The End" title should be dropped.  If it's well-edited (which it is), everyone knows it's the end, so there's no need to announce it with a title.  The practice of putting "The End" at the end has been largely abandoned by professional filmmakers, and for good reason.
  • jsbarrett 

    Your feedback is constructive and well-placed on very valid points.
    I especially have noted the one about the subtle movements in comparison to the performer.

    Thank you for your time and earnest attempt to critique me. You have my respect.

  • edited October 2017

    @Hictor - The title does go by way too fast at the beginning. I had to jump back and pause it to be able to read it all.

    The lip sync is off in a few spots but this is a solidly shot video. Got a chuckle out of the horn honk and 'get out of the way' gesture........was there anyone there? The highway wasn't that busy. Funny though! Hope that's what you were going for.

    The day to night switch didn't really bother me.

    Thanks for sharing and hope to see more from you in the future.

  • @StormyKnight

    The intent was very much comical,yes!

    I was a little concerned about the title at the beginning and opted to remove it due to project deadline but we agreed it had a subliminal part since the information is repeated twenty seconds later. 

    The day to night I think was my biggest challenge. I did my best to steer away possibilities of it becoming epileptic. Too many fadeouts and fade ins sort of risked it being sleepy. 

    Thanks for your time man. I honestly mean it when I say I appreciate your feedback.






  • Have to say @Hictor you have been very publicly accepting of the feedback which is a very healthy attitude to have and will help you in your film making and life in general. Keep up the work.

  • @jsbarrett ; Thank you for saying what I couldn't figure out how to say without coming off sounding harsh. Totally, Dude. You rule.

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