How Can I Create L & R Channels from mono (L or R)?

How Can I Create L & R Channels from mono (L or R)?


  • You could use the Channel levels effect and drop the side you want to eliminate.

  • Thank you, great help.  Logical. I missed that. Again, thanks.

    How could I get both channels from only one channel?  I have video clips that only recorded on one channel. I would like to put the one channel on both the R & L.


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    Add 2 audio tracks, 1 for each channel.

    You simply copy your existing audio recorded in mono, and paste 2 of them, and use the Channel effect to get the desired results.

    Right click your audio & video, and select Unlink, this will seperate the audio from the video tracks.


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    I think you will have to use some other tool to convert a stereo data stream with sound only in one channel to a mono data stream. Hitfilm is a bit weak on audio features (e.g. this is just a right click menu item in Vegas/Movie studio). There are free audio tools out there. It might be a bit of a pain because your audio file will become separate from the video file after doing this.

    If one channel is literally empty then this is just a simple stereo to mono conversion.

    Even ffmpeg can do it. I've done a script or two using ffmpeg for something along those lines. In my case I was swapping the left/right channels so a stock sound effect that went left to right became right to left. A right click menu item would have been nice to have...

  • If you need to make specific things on the screen make sense as audio, such as seeing things on the left side of the video = left side dominant audio, then I would use the mixer to do that.

    Audacity if you need more tools, it will allow you to see the video while editing, I think..

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