GH5 video won't show up

Panasonic GH5 footage won't show video it only plays audio, has anyone else experienced this in Hitfilm 2017? I have tried both 1080 and 4k at 10 bit 4:2:2 mp4 files. I can hear the audio and the video outline is there but it is transparent. I placed the video in VLC media player and it works fine.

i7 processor, gtx 960m, 16gb, ssd drive and hd 7200rpm. 


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    Update: 8 bit 4:2:0 files from GH5 play at 1080 but hitfilm won't play the 4:2:2 10bit. 

    I see premiere pro and final cut had this problem, but it seems they got it fixed.

  • Express or Pro? 10-bit 4:2:2 video is DCI 4k (4096x2160), where the 4:2:0 files might be UHD 4k (3840x2160).

    Express only goes to UHD resolution, so that could be it.

    Also, the GH5 10-bit 4:2:2 codec is a new one that Hitfilm just might not support yet. Poking around on-line and similar issues are reported by Final Cut, Avid and Premiere users, with GH5 compatibility being a specific patch in the Aug 2017 Adobe CC update.

    The workaround I'm seeing on other sites is to transcode the GH5 footage to ProRes or DNxHR.

    Sorry, not a GH5 owner, so that's all I got. 

  • I use hitfilm 2017 pro.

  • Ok, probably the codec issue, and that is affecting Premiere, FCPX, Avid and Vegas. Again, current suggested workaround is transcoding to ProRes or DNxHR. 

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    I got 1080 video to work with this command line in ffmpeg for prores:

    ffmpeg -i what.mp4 vcodec prores


    But I can't get the 4k video to work. Does prores support 10 bit 422 4k files?

    Last question, Are the files low quality prores because the 1080 I converted plays really smooth in Hitfilm?

  • Prores supports 4k 4:2:2 10-bit. I'll tag @Aladdin4d or @Stargazer54 more better troubleshooting of FFMpeg commands. 

    The answer to your question about smooth playback is a long one. It's the first 16 minutes of this video, though for the short form, skip to 14 minutes. 

    Long story short, ProRes will always perform more smoothly than mp4.


  •  HitFilm does not currently support 10 bit 422 h.264/MP4 video from anything AFAIK.  

    ProRes and DNxHR can (and do) work for HitFilm Windows but there is a known gamma shift flaw with QuickTime Windows that can trash 10 bit content when it's decoded so if you're using Windows, Cineform is your best option for 10 bit content. Macs aren't affected by the flaw so if you're using a Mac, ProRes is your best option.

    GH5 footage threw everybody for a loop so there's not exactly a lot of options that handle both GH5 footage and Cineform.

    Premiere was eventually fixed. 

    FootageStudio 4K is a great tool for transcoding but it's $129.00 right now.

    Vegas Pro 15 handles GH5 footage but 14 doesn't and if I remember, you're a Vegas user so upgrading to 15 might be an option.

    The free version of Resolve is, or at least was, limited to 8 bit h.264/MP4 just like HitFilm. You need the paid Studio version to unlock 10 bit support.

    VirtualDub FilterMod might work. It outputs 10 Cineform just fine (needs GoPro Studio installed) but I don't know if it can import GH5 footage. It should, but I don't have a GH5 so I've never tested it. 

  • @Aladdin4d I know hitfilm releases a new version of the  software normally in November. Since I just updated Hitfilm, (thought I made the right choice to choose hitfilm over updating Vegas as well as now I bought the gh5) I would hate to spend an additional $129 on transcending software or even more money than that upgrading (vegas) or buying (resolve) a new video editor, and then hitfilm release gh5 support. Do you know if gh5 support is coming soon or in the potential November update? I know gh5 has a version 2 update due this month.

  • @TheDigitalMedia Sorry but I don't know if GH5 support will come with the next version of HitFilm or not. FXHOME doesn't release info on new features before the software is released.

    VirtualDub FilterMod is free so worth a look and I got a hold of some GH5 sample files I can do some testing with to try a few other free or low cost things.

  • @Aladdin4d I installed go pro quick (studio) but the cineform codec is not available in virtualdub filter mod, only cinepak. I uninstalled and installed it three times, 2x to c drive and once to my second internal hard drive. Have you encountered this?

  • Looking at GoPro Quik its own description says it only takes native GoPro files, nothing third party. I'm guessing that's designed to cut the mp4 files and doesn't have the Cineform codec.

    Try this version of the full GoPro Studio.

  • @Aladdin4d it shows the codec now, thanks!

  • Nice! Disregard my last post, then. 

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    @Aladdin4d is there a way to increase virtualdub filtermod memory? It converts 1080 10bit fine and it works in hitfilm pro 2017, but it says out of memory half way through converting or playing the 4k 10bit video file.

    the clip is 9 seconds long.


    (sidenote: I have 16gb of memory on my system)

  • You probably need to just render the video so both popup.

  • @TheDigitalMedia I'm having the same problem with the GH5 clips I have. I'm going to try contacting the developer and see what can be done.

  • @Aladdin4d OK, thank you and thank you very sincerely for all your help.

  • @TheDigitalMedia In the VirtualDub FilterMod folder there should be another version named Veedub64.exe. Try that one instead of VirtualDub.exe and you shouldn't have anymore memory problems. 

  • @Aladdin4d I found Veedub64.exe in the folder. It rendered the 4k 10bit 422 clip and played it in Hitfilm Pro as smooth as a hot knife cutting through butter :) Thank you again for going way above what I could have asked or expected. Thanks, yep I made the right choice to come back to hitfilm :) Now I am ready for GH5 version 2 update. 

    Thanks again 

  • @TheDigitalMedia Glad to hear it's working for you!

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    I just heard back from my support ticket that I should subscribe to Hitfilms newsletter for future technology announcements. I guess unlike other manufacturers, Hitfilm will include native support for GH5 in a PAID upgrade whenever an if it's released/supported in the future.

  • How did you manage to make 1+1= eleventy twelve? 

  • "I guess unlike other manufacturers, Hitfilm will include native support for GH5 in a PAID upgrade whenever an if it's released/supported in the future."

    You use a plural form of manufacturers. With Adobe you are paying every month for updates. Vegas Pro 15 is the first to support GH5. Vegas Pro 14 ain't never going to support it. Resolve 12 supposedly did get an midstream update that gave support but it was a $1000 product at the time. Easier to afford the cost.

    Being able to import would be great but ultimately those files are not likely to edit all that well performance wise. A transcode is probably still in the mix.

  • Ok, lets stop the train early before more users feel a need to support and defend.. 

    I use plural because I was talking about more than one manufacturer despite the differences in details.... (final cut supposedly also added a patch, just to add another) 

    Given my situation if you read the entire post, I was just hoping for the same from Hitfilm although they are not obligated, if not, worst case scenario I can always switch platforms if it becomes that big of an issue. 

  • Add another GH5 user - wish I would of known this before I bought the software. 

    10bit has some advantages for green screen work. Looking forward to seeing  this updated. 

  • Just cross referencing all the GH5 threads that tend to repeat themselves.

    The short story. Transcode to Cineform or Prores 422. It will work and the edit performance is tons better. If if the GH5 AVC footage was directly readable in Hitfilm you might not be happy with the edit performance.

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