Boy Scout Venture Crew "The Infection"

This is a forum post about the hikes and other adventures that my boy scout troop will go on. I hope to make content that looks semi-professional. These adventures happen, about once a month. I am open for feedback to improve my content. But most of all, I hope you guys enjoy.


  • @Platinum8000  Did you forget a link to your video?   It happens...

  • I don't think so.  I think he's just prepping us for what's to come.  He pinged me on my thread about an issue he ran into with one of his shots, so I don't get the impression that anything is finished yet.  Is that a safe guess @Platinum8000 ?

  • @jsbarrett  Ah, a teaser post!  I get it. Nothin' wrong with that...

  • Yes it is. I do have a trailer that I will post here in a moment, I'm just working out some kinks, to make it easier to post.

  • On a side note, @Platinum8000 messaged me a few minutes ago to unmask himself.  He's my nephew who lives halfway across the country, and who I haven't seen in AGES.  So go easy on the crits, gang.  ;)

  • Here is the trailer. Let me know if there's anything I could do to improve the video. The Infection and the Trail of Flies (Trailer)

  • @Platinum8000 Nice work!  The shot timing feels really good at the beginning, and matches the intensity of the music pretty well, but then at about :31 it starts to feels a little slow when the next several shots hold a lot longer.  I'm guessing you didn't have enough footage to add more shots, but it still would've been nice to have something to break up those long moments. Maybe more "reviews" like you have at :12?  I was wondering why there weren't more in there.

    My only other crit would be to pick a different font for the subtitle at the end. A thin typeface with a thin outline is difficult to read.  Your Indiana Jones homage on the main title is really nice.  Look at what they did back in the day for their subtitles.  The fonts had a little more meat on their bones.  Still thin (and often in ALL CAPS), but not as thin as what you've got.

    All in all, a really nice first attempt at a trailer!

  • Yeah, I ran into the problem of not enough footage during the trailer. That is partially my fault because I didn't record more, while there. I will soon be getting a gopro for these videos, so the next one should have loads more footage and at better quality as well. Thanks for the feedback

  •  Nice job! I pretty much agree with your uncle more shots would have been better but hey, you work with what you got.

    Side note: The forum recognizes YouTube and Vimeo links so you don't have make a hyperlink. Just paste in the raw link and the forum will embed the video for you. 


  •  @Platinum8000 Good job.  Nice music selection to add a sense of impending something without revealing what it is/was. I see what @jsbarrett means about the longer shots breaking the rhythm a bit, but I'm a sucker for waterfalls and cataracts so I was interested.  Hope you keep at it.

  • @platinum8000

    Really liked the intro and music. Quality varied but, generally, was very good. This made the out of focus bit at around 1:00 more obvious. Maybe clip the first few seconds off that until it focuses? The scenery is fantastic so deserves the time spent on it.

    My only real suggestion (appreciating it is a trailer) is to create a sense of 'journey' and location for the trailer.  The description tells me it's a 50 mile hike in August in NW Washington.... is it hot in August? Cold? Pleasantly warm? Is this *real* wilderness? What are the dangers? How difficult is the terrain?  Obviously it is better to show this so if you do have any shots of somebody slipping, chugging water, sweating, struggling up a hillside etc they might be useful. If not, maybe with some text or (gulp) a voiceover?

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    ProDad Mercalli V1 is available with a 20% discount on the $29.00 price until the end of 30th September 2017 to stabilise your footage.,l-us.html#buy

    Or there is the ProDad Mercalli V2 Plus version. Download the free trials at least.,l-us.html

    If you really want some 'shaky cam', you can dial down the stabilisation or add some back in with the Shake Effect in Hitfilm.

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     Here is another trailer I've been working on. I think this an improvement from the first. I would say more but you should probably just watch.  Let me know what you guys think.

  • I feel a lot more like I was moving along the trail with them which improves it for me considering it's basically the same clips (?)

  •  yeah, figured I needed to improve the first one or else it would torture me forever. This basically replaces the old one.

  • Definitely better! I like the flash edits matching the audio track. My only quibble: the end title, while looking better (subtitle issues fixed nicely), didn't hold very long before fading. I felt like I wanted to see it for at least another couple seconds before it went away.

  • @Platinum800 ; What rank are you in Boy Scouts,  I really hope you get your Eagle and get an opportunity to go to Philmont.  I'm an Eagle scout, Philmont is a great place to go if you like backpacking.  Anyway, good job on the teaser. 




  • I am currently first class and am moving quickly towards eagle. I have a couple friends who have done Philmont, and I want to do it as well. Thanks for the feedback as well.

  • Alright, I know I said I would release the video today but, you know how schedules change. So this video will be released later this fall.

  • Finally done, with the video, sadly I won't be able to work on anything else for a while cause school starts on Monday for me. But I'll try to do something once a month.  Anyway, let me know what you guys think of the vid.

  • @Platinum8000  Nicely done.  Good blend of video and photos.  I really liked the one transition where you showed the map on one side and the trail video on the other.  Not too sure of the scale on the maps, but your in/out days looked like some long treks!  It's been far too long for me, but I think First Class is as far as I made it in Scouts. So congrats on sticking with it.

  • Very nice!  Overall a really good recap of a hike.  Nice flow to the whole thing.  It's clear you were thinking about structure (breaking up the days, giving them consistent titles, etc) as you edited, which definitely helps in a longer piece like this.

    +1 to liking the map/photo/video combo.  Because that was such a long opening hike, the photo and video additions helped to keep it from being just maps and footprints.  Even though most of the other hikes were shorter, I think they could've used similar treatments.  After a while I started feeling a little weary of all the hike transitions without something else to break them up.

    While the opening "monologue" worked with the sounds of flies and forest noises, subsequent similar clips also got me into a "here we go again" kind of feeling.  Maybe some text could've been added to help lead into what was coming next.  Just watching you talk and not knowing how long it was going to last got kinda old.  On a smaller note, the trick of gradually going in/out of blur at the front and back of these pieces was a nice idea, but to me it felt like the transition was a little long, especially on the front end of each piece

    The part that felt the least developed/full was the return trip.  The mix of photos and videos was still nice, but the large gaps of black didn't feel fully intentional.  It felt more like you had very little stuff to show, and just spread things out to fit the song.

    That leads to my next tip: when using any music track, whether it's one that everyone knows or a piece of stock music, don't feel compelled to use the whole thing.  Even though most people know the Chariots of Fire main theme, they/we won't feel slighted if you trim it down so that it fits your footage, rather than forcing your footage to fit the track (unless your edited version is painfully short!).

    Finally, a quick tip about editing to beats.  When you were cutting photos to the Daft Punk track, it felt like most of the visual changes were a little late.  One thing I learned early in my animation days was that to make lip sync feel timed properly, all mouth shape keyframes should be at least two frames earlier than their corresponding sounds.  The same trick works for any kind of visual hit that's supposed to match to audio.  Use HitFilm's hotkeys to step through the edit/comp timeline frame by frame and listen to the snippet of audio that plays for each frame.  When you hear the hit, back up two frames, and use that as the timing for whatever you're doing.  Sometimes it actually needs to be a three-frame difference, but two is a good starting point.

  • Hope the next vid will be much better. I will be using a GoPro for the next hike we do so the quality will be improved quite a bit in every way.

    Basically, all the long black scenes at the end are due to me not taking enough shots. With the GoPro, I will do a lot more footage and pictures.

    And as you read in the beginning of the video, my mic was off for some reason for the entire hike. That is why you have those vlogs of me talking but "the flies were too loud". I was going to do a lip reading and do a voice over of me talking, but I ran out of time.

    I will definitely take into consideration the stuff about matching the audio to the visuals. That was one thing that I wasn't completely satisfied with. Especially on the Daft Punk track. It was a mix of not enough pictures and I was rushing to get the video done for a presentation.

    Thanks for the feedback, The next post will be in late October, early November.

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