HitFilm + RocketStock

I recently bought the RocketStock Interface video pack because I want to add some VFX in HitFilm Pro to my videos. I did have some issues because it seems that HP doesn't support JPEG2000 format in MacOSX.  @CedricBonnier helped me out by saying that I should try to convert them to a PNG Image Secuence format. I ended up by using Blender to do so  and it worked very well. I have to say that I tried other tools before Blender but they did not work correctly (Handbrake, MPEG Streamclip ... ) because either the resulted video was not the same (quality, colors, transparency....) as the original one or the tool (Handbrake) couldn't open it 

I made this little video to try it out so I used some tracking data and some basic FX (Volumetric and Glow) and finally a very basic cinematic color grading.

I hope you like it.


Thank you all again.



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