SketchWork TV CH1 "E6: The Break In"

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Hi guys,
This week’s episode sees the launch of SketchWork TV (SketchWorks) Channel Two! The SketchWork TV archive is about to be attacked by a masked robber - can the infamous duo keep hold of their secrets or will the robber make them accessible to the whole planet.
The particle effects were all created in HitFilm using the deflectors - a very useful feature :)
I hope you enjoy episode 6 on SketchWork TV Channel One.
Watch SWTV E6: The Break In - [url][/url]
All the best,
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  • Its good to see some tutorials up just being a home user Ill only be using hitfilm as it was a good all in one soloution for the stuff I wanted to make but Im intrested in the process of making films

    I really like the effect, I wonder if it would be possible to do something similar keyframing a quad warp in hitfilm.
  • Hey Thelurkerish,
    To be honest, the quadwarp is exactly the same kind of effect as the AE corner pin effect. This means, yes this can be accomplished in the same way.
    It would mean a fair amount of work required if not using Mocha, but you will be able to use the quadwarp, layer position, layer scale and layer rotation to replicate this effect.
    I have also been told that a Mocha import may well be in the cards for the future in HitFilm - so fingers crossed.
    All the best,
  • Great work as always guys!I loved the raygun thing and the signs looked very well done. Exciting news about channel 2 as well, i was one of those people wondering when it would finally open and it's got some great stuff on so far. Well done Sketchwork.
  • Hi guys,
    I have just added a video on how we did the 2D cardboard death ray effect in this episode.
    Enjoy and let me know how you got on:

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