"Transition" Sounds

Hey everyone !
Do you know were I can find "Transition" sound used by so many people for titles etc...
thanks ! :)


  • Note sure what you mean, but if you are looking for sounds that are music there are a few choices at tubetape.com and Video co-pilot has sound fx and Pro scores.... The Videoc Co-pilot are packed with a lot of music clips that yo9u can loop and loop! Maybe that will help a little!!
  • I think he's looking for things like whooshes and booms and clangs, that would be used as titles fly past or drop in, etc. Not sure of the best place to find them, sorry. I tend to make my own based on what I need, but I'm sure there are big libraries of sounds available for purchase online.
  • Free website for sound fx is www.soundbible.com I use it!
    Some effects are really good, but some are really bad.... (the walking effects)...
  • freesound.com
  • Hi.
    I'm using the following for my clips:
    But, it's not freeware...
  • Video Co-Pilot Designer Sound FX has some neat swoosh sounds, reverse and many many more, worth the price!! The Free Sounds and stuff are not as good as Video Co-pilot!
  • thk !
    yes i'm going to see it ! ;)
  • And there is one called sounddogs.com

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