Unable to launch mocha

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I have upgraded my hitfilm 3 pro to 4pro and installed in my computer. But I can't see any mocha in my application list. I got a folder of mocha in my program folder but I can't open the software. What do I do? Please help me.


  • AdyAdy Staff
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    SalaiKintha - mocha is not installed separately from HitFilm, in order to launch mocha, you must launch HitFilm 4 first.

    When you are on the Edit & Effects screen, click on New within the Media Panel, there you will see the option to launch mocha, I have attached a screenshot to help you.


  • I just bought Mocha for Hitfilm Express...I don't have this drop down.

    Has it changed?

  • It's now an Effect. Drag onto your clip like any other.

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