Particles with smoke filament

Want to obtain an effect similar to this one

Playing with smoke cloud preset I can create diffused,  elongated, dispersed smoke clouds, but nothing similar to this smoke filaments following particles.

Also using missile smoke preset I can create smoke paths but not able to create this kind of complex 3d volumes and surfaces.

Any suggestion? What am I missing?


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    After more tests this is the best I can achieve for the smoke

    Using 2500 particles and Shockwave Ripple Trail texture, 3D unrolled.

    Any way to make it less thick? I did try to increase to 10.000 particles but is worsening the effect. With less particles holes are starting to be visible.

  • Use fire Stockfootage and combine it with the particle system

  • Interested on colored smoke such as in the first video, red color was just an example...

    Stockfootage it's not a 3d model, just a video right? So will not interact with 3d objects I suppose.

  • WOW! Can particles make Explosion like 3D Max and Maya?

  • Davide, are you using forces or turbulence, or acceleration in the physics? 

    Remember, you can set up animated video as a particle source. You can make a procedural texture using something like Fractal Noise, Displacement, Bulge and masks, or use a clip of a stock puff of smoke.

    For a whispy look you might try firing off mobile emitters as well. 

    @KoDuty Max and Maya can beat Hitfilm for pure fluid/smoke sim, but the particle sim--especially combined with shatters and atomic particles can do fun things. 

    Here's a physics test of a ground explosion with draft textures:

    And an outer space explosion with procedual animated textures.


  • @davide445 Have to played with the particle alpha/opacity.  Lowering it to thin it out.

    I have tried something where a ton of particles was smoother looking, no holes as you describe. It was too dense so I turned the alpha way down to let the particles color build up the resulting look. I needed to be in 16-bit mode eliminate banding.

  • it's awesome! I have no knowledge in particles

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    @Triem23 horizontal force an turbolence, no acceleration. 

    Will try with mobile emitters. My goal is the elegance of the fist video, not only the dynamic, so maybe the right texture will make the difference. How can I use a video as particle source? I was thinking I can use the video as animated particle.

    @NormanPCN thanks will play also with that. The project is already 16 bit and 8XMSAA, th best my video card can provide

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    Here is the tut for using video for a particle source.


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    Working with 3d models and custom textures this is the best I can do

    I did want to do better. How is possible to destroy the cube 3d model so to generate particles? The shatter effect work only on layers.

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    The shatter effect will work on models set in 3D Plane. That may not be the approach you're looking for though. You can always try the Atomic Particle effect.

  • Tried both shatter effect on 3d plane and atomic particles.

    Problem is I didn't find any way to generate the broken parts as particles with textures or as 3d models.

    Any other way to do it, other than faking the effect trough compositing?

    Maybe I'm using the wrong approach.

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