Audio Spectrum Crash in 3 Pro (Resolved)

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Now i own HitFilm 3 Pro and i have the latest update, but the audio spectrum and waveform seem to make HitFilm crash when placed onto any layer!

I have reported the issue and am waiting for a reply but i was wondering if any other HitFilm 3 Pro users are having the same problem?


  • ProComposit - Sorry you are having trouble with the software.

    I've had a look at your report & I can see you are using a laptop, which appears to have multiple graphics cards, one is an Intel HD 4600 & the other an Nvidia dedicated card.

    Have you made sure that;

    a) Your Intel HD driver is up to date: Intel Driver Update

    b) Your Nvidia driver is up to date: Nvidia Driver Update

    c) HitFilm is assigned to the Nvidia GPU: Nvidia Optimus Profiles


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    thank you sooo much!!!

    Turns out my Nvidia Experience hadnt notified me of the update! Thank you loads!

    Hitfilm Rules!!!

  • @ProComposit - Well I'm glad you are back up & running! And we do our very best. :D

    I'm going to close this thread & mark it as resolved as the issue has been found & fixed.


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