New Star Wars Trailer Shows 3rd Rate Job- Big Disappointment

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If you've had your 'new hopes' up about the Star Wars VII movie you should be forewarned that the budget was nowhere near that of the previous movies. Director J.J. Abrams admits that light flares had to be eliminated due to lack of funding and that the movie may not look as good as the previous 6 in the series. Further, there were cut backs in costuming, set design, model ships and even music. Here's a new trailer which shows that when the Force awakens it may just yawn and go back to sleep.



  • Actually brilliant. Watch the side by side, holy cow.

  • It IS very impressive for a Sweded trailer. Just goes to show that all nerds believe practical effects beat CG any day!

  • Yay, practical effects! 

  • I love the cardboard sand  dunes!


  • Oh my gosh that is genius!

  • Fantastic.

  • Sweded's chick is prettier!

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    I was on the edge of my seat!!!!!!!!!!!! I do believe this movie COULD move me to tears.

    The trailer did. My head was reeling with the history and apparent 'no matter how much things change they remain the same'. Kudos to J.J. Abrams for making me feel like a kid again!

  • I guess I have to turn in my geek card--I have pictures of five-year-old me with Threepio and Artoo and five-year-old me painting Tie Fighters in the drained swimming pool (while the artists my Dad hired do the X-Wing and Death Star), I am looking at a handmade ceramic Artoo lamp and handmade ceramic Chewie and Vader mugs I got for Xmas in 1977, but I can't get excited about Force Awakens. 

    At all. 

    Burned thrice by bad Prequels (hey, didn't I use Star Wars Prequels as a literal textbook example of how to not write a story on this forum last month?), and burned twice by J. J. Abrahms terrible Star Trek movies (you don't want to challenge me on that. I'll break it down for you in detail), the trailers to me look like frantic fan service, and if Force Awakens ends with yet another batch of fighters taking down another damn superweapon--which is sure as hell what this Chinese trailer looks like--I'm going to kick Lucas, Abrahms, AND their ghostwriters in the nuts until they come up with a new ending. 

    Every new trailer just makes me yawn. 

    I think I would trade the upcoming flood of Star Wars for SyFy channel to have not cancelled their "Blake's 7" reboot. 

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    @Triem23 - The prequels were self fulfilling prophecy told in a very bad way. We knew what had to come i.e. Anakin's fall to the dark side and a few other things with Obi-Wan.....but I didn't like those movies near as much as the original trilogy. Now, we don't know what to expect from this next story and while I'm not getting my hopes up too high, I am excited by the trailers. The frantic fan service, I suspect, is by design- boost the hype. If the story is lousy word will spread faster than if it's good and another barometer is how many commercials are there on TV? Not counting youtube or anything online- actual TV. If a movie is bad they advertise the living heck out of it to try to boost sales. Movies that are well done don't need to advertise as much. I think I've seen 2 ads so far for Force Awakens which I consider a good sign. Still not getting my hopes up too high 'cause they do tend to show the best parts of movies in the trailers. Sometimes, the trailer looks better than the movie actually is because they show the best parts- The Babadook comes to mind there. So I'm at about 35% excitement and 65% skepticism regarding Force Awakens.

    But at the heart of either of the trilogies has been very simplistic stories. I know Lucas' target audience is kids but Dr. Who is FAR more sophisticated as a kids show than Star Wars has ever been. By sophisticated I mean plots, foreshadowing and concepts. So if we get a simplistic story with lots of eye candy in Force Awakens, I'm okay with that. BTW, I have warmed up some to Capaldi and now I hear he's leaving the show. What?!?!?! When he spent all that time breaking down the barrier to Gallifrey to get Claire back- that was the bomb!

    I know I'm in the minority on the new Treks but I loved 'em. I thought they were a great way to reboot an idea and provide a fresh start for characters 30+ years known. Now we don't necessarily 'know' them as we did which intrigues me more than anything.

    As to Abrams- well, I'm a fan of his anyway BUT as with all things in life my approach to the new trilogy will be the same- hope for the best, expect the worst. Sometimes it pays to be an optimistic pessimist. The only sci-fi movie I didn't like by Abrams so far would be Super 8 and I blame half of that on Spielberg as well. Personally, I'd rather sit through a bad Spielberg, Lucas or Abrams movie/TV show than a SyFy original series/movie. I used to have SyFy (still prefer Sci-Fi) on all the time, if for nothing other than background noise if I wasn't sitting and watching something; but lately I find myself gravitating towards news for background noise or just turning the TV off all together to work on a project.

  • Triem, I drew X-wings and TIE fighters on pretty much every school notebook/workbook I had for a year, then they got mixed up with the Battlestar Galactica, Vipers, and Cylon Raiders.

    I struggle a bit with Abrams. I found his first Star Trek movie 'tolerable,' but Into Darkness was a total mess. I'm hoping for the best with the new Star Wars movie, but I'm a little cautious. But that won't stop us from attending in our new Jedi Robes...

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    @RossTrowbridge-  "I drew X-wings and TIE fighters on pretty much every school notebook/workbook I had for a year, then they got mixed up with the Battlestar Galactica, Vipers, and Cylon Raiders."

    It's like we were separated at birth! lol  ;^) I still have a couple binders with my drawings. I didn't bother with trying to color space for the background so I would often just dot the background which made it look like a negative of the universe.

    Jedi robes- lucky dog!

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    My wife is a great costumer. We have racks of Starfleet uniforms, Jedi robes, Imperial officers' uniforms, and Colonial Warriors' uniforms. She made a Warrior's jacket out of suede and had both Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict sign it.

    She just made Jedi robes for my daughter's American Girl dolls

    We have a friend who is an incredible prop maker. He made PADDs for our fan film, and he crafts some incredible lightsabers with internal lighting.

    Me? I shoot, edit, and add effects.

    All my ships were drawn against a negative universe as well. I was too busy drawing to take the time to color space black.

    Dare I mention that our group is going to be working on our Mandalorian armor over the Christmas holiday... :)

  • @RossTrowbridge - I wish I could find a girl that would be that into the movies I like. Alas, they are few and far between in my neck of the woods.

    Pretty cool with Dirk and Richard! Love the star and $. Makes sense to me. BG Reborn was a little more difficult to make out at first but what a cool thing to have happen!!!!! I was 13 when the original BSG aired and I looked forward to it every week. (drew pics of those ships too)

    Mandalorian armor! You going to go join Duane "Dog" Chapman on a mission or two? ;^)

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    Since we've totally hijacked this thread anyway, I'm going to tell a story...

    You might have noticed in the video that Dirk Benedict was holding his hand like he was pinching something. He was actually holding a penny. Our group stopped by the night before just before the con was shutting down for the evening. We were all in Starfleet uniforms. We wanted to find out his schedule for the next day and to see if he would sign the warrior's jacket. 

    As we were chatting with him, he asked my younger daughter how much she would pay for his autograph. She thought about it for a second, and then said she'd pay a penny for it. He smiled and said he agreed. But none of us had a penny! So he grabbed one of his photos and wrote, "Kathy, You owe me one cent. Dirk Benedict."

    We showed up the next day in our Galactica gear. He spotted my daughter from about 40 feet away, stood up, and yelled her name. She was holding up a penny. He came around his table and gave her a big hug. He instantly gained a bunch of fans for life (not that we weren't already). My daughter still has a crush on him a couple of years later. He's still the only person allowed to call her Kathy.

    The penny is by his arm as he's signing the jacket.

    Oh, you've got me by a year. I'm not sure what bounties we'll be collecting once the armor is done.

  • @RossTrowbridge ;  What an awesome story!

  • @RossTrowbridge that IS an awesome story.

    @StormyKnight and Ross--since Stormy started this thread, by definition he cannot be involved in any hijacking. ;-)

    BTW, Stormy, you and I have opposite views on JJ Abrams. "Super 8" is the only project of his I've seen that I enjoy. His Trek movies--it's not that I don't like them as Trek, I don't like them as films! 2009 isn't a story (for a the full discussion on Plot vs. Story, refer to my first post in this thread: ), but a disconnected series of events to put Kirk in that chair*. Into Darkness had a story, but Kirk himself isn't connected to the main arc, other than agreeing to do a job for Admiral RoboCop.  At no point in those films do I actually care about Kirk or Spock, and, if I don't care about the protagonists, then I don't care about your plot or your action. I just don't care about your movie!

    We'll hold out hope for "The Force Awakens," But... we'll see. I hope to like it, but can't get excited. I think I'd rather see a film based off the "Luke Spotted!" trailer. Imagine a sequel where clones of Luke Skywalker formed the New Jedi Order, combining the biggest (in universe) mistakes of both previous trilogies!^1

    *The random events that put Kirk in the chair.

    1) Kirk is a sad little boy. This won't be explored. Just bung in a shot of him staring at "Enterprise" under construction in the plot next to his backyard, then have Pike randomly tell him to join Starfleet. Whatever.

    2) He's a complete prick during the Kobayashi Maru simulation. I dunno, I guess I figured Kirk would pretend to be playing the game fairly, finally getting caught and admitting to his wrongdoing in a mature manner, thus earning a commendation for original thinking. This is my bias from Shatner speaking. That said, Pine's Kirk is lounging in the chair, munching an apple and being such a smug, disinterested prick that his classmates spend the entire sequence giving "what the hell?" looks. Given what an ass Kirk is in this situation, I don't believe any of these people would actually follow him later in the film.

    3) Kirk's jerk status gets his ass ejected from the Academy. The pronouncement has been made, the gavel is going up.... RED ALERT! I suppose in the 23'rd century courts actually work where rulings don't count unless the gavel is tapped? Either way, Kirk should be escorted out of the building and not allowed to...

    4) Kirk randomly walks onto Enterprise because the writer needs him there.

    5) Pike and Kirk have a little conversation where Pike tells Kirk, "Hey, if anything happens to me, you can be Captain." Does.... Does Pike have that authority? I suppose military leaders can assign field promotions, and, given the immediacy of the situation, Pike isn't going to go thru Starfleet Command, but, really, Kirk was just expelled. Kirk is a civilian as of ten minutes ago. Oh, right, the gavel didn't go "bang.

    6) Pike is injured. At this point Spock assumes command. Kirk doesn't call dibs. Instead, Kirk hangs out being a jerk until Spock finally decides to murder Kirk**.

    6a) Spock fails to recognize his blatant breaches of Starfleet Protocol as grounds to remove himself from command. I guess since this Spock is already involved in a sexual relationship with a student, his moral code is used to compromise. Well, maybe in the 23'rd century along with money we've eliminated teacher/student boundaries? Also Lawyer/Client and Doctor/Patient privilege?

    7) After Kirk and Scotty beam several light years to catch up to Enterprise (Hey! No more need for a Starfleet, except as a weapons platform! Starfleet can now explore Stargate SG-1 style! I mean one can now teleport from Earth to Q'oonos!) Kirk continues to be a jerk, now taunting Spock about his dead Mommy. This, again, raises the question of why anyone in this crew would follow this jerk, who I would prefer to describe with stronger language. This Kirk is an anal sphincter with cling-ons.

    8) Spock decides that, since he threw a punch, he is no longer fit to command. Because Starfleet doesn't take emotional stress into account or something? Or is this Spock's "Vulcan Pride?" Whatever fake-Spock, you've been screwing a student and you tried to murder a civilian, who cares if you punch the same guy you tried to murder? You should have had him in the brig for half this movie anyway, since Kirk has zero legitimate reason to be aboard a warship on a combat mission.

    9) Sulu says something like "Good job, jerk, now we don't have a Captain." Um, what? Military organizations have strictly defined chains of command and succession. I suppose since everyone was deployed in a rush no one's had time to file the paperwork here, but, really, I'll break my pattern here of not comparing reboot to original here. Chain of Command: Captain. XO, Chief Engineer (currently Scotty who certainly shouldn't take command at this point, except he IS the senior officer aboard a ship full of newbies, but Scotty wouldn't think of this right now), Helmsman... Um... hey, Sulu, according to Chain of Command, you're in charge! Time to take that chair and show us a bit of why your Prime Universe counterpart is the only other crewman to gain his own command!

    10) Kirk says "Actually Pike said I could be in charge." (see 5, above)

    11) Everyone shrugs and rolls with it, because this movie is about Kirk getting into that chair that he's never earned. The same crew that spent the whole movie giving "What's UP with this jerk?" reactions has nothing better to do.

    **Spock tries to murder Kirk? I hear you ask. Yes. yes he does. Consider. Spock has Kirk tossed into a lifepod and fired at a planet. As this planet has a functioning Federation outpost on it we can assume the survey teams logged the indigenous lifeforms of gigantic snow monsters that lumber out of unmotivated ground-level light sources. This information would be available to Spock--but we'll assume that Spock isn't his meticulous best, since he's already proven distracted from his job by things like screwing a student and being pissy about his dead Mom. I mean the guy who states everything to at least three significant digits can't actually be bothered to skim a survey, can he? But... Wait, there's a Federation installation here, and Spock is an Officer in the Federation Naval Forces (Starfleet). Regulations would probably state something along the line of: "This is acting Captain Spock, USS Enterprise. Federation outpost, stand by for prisoner transfer." This call can be made at warp. Drop out of warp and you don't even have to take up a parking orbit***--just swing in close enough for a transport cycle, and, ten seconds later the jerk is gone. Of course if our characters behaved as if they were in a story, where characters have actual moral codes, and goals, this is what would happen, but then Kirk couldn't run into Real Spock and have an exposition conversation to tell Kirk the plot**** and have Real Spock say "You guys are besties, trust me*****!"

    ***Delta Vega is close enough to Vulcan to see it's destruction. One would think that there would be Vulcans there. Also, one would think that the Vulcans would have logged the giant snow monsters.

    ****Why doesn't Nero just go back a year or so kill Real Spock before he implodes Romulus's sun? Or, you know, TELL Real Spock it's a bad idea? Right, Nero is insane. I forgot. Too bad the scene showing his capture and detention by the Klingons was cut, because without that, Nero becomes the guy who went back in time to get revenge then sat around with his crew giving each other tattoos for 25 years or so, and indulging in homosexual pon-farr******.

    ***** At no time in the first two movies will we see Kirk and Spock actually being friends.

    ****** Vulcans would likely consider homosexuality illogical, since there is no chance of reproduction. However, ANY emotional or loving attachment would be against Vulcan logic, so they would probably not have any particular bias against homosexuality. ALL Vulcan love, whether hetero or homosexual would be equally outside logic. Although, I suppose when alternate universe T'pring finds out about Spock and Uhura, she'll have grounds to declare her engagement to Spock null and void, and she can have Stonn without trickery. Unless, somehow, Nero travelling back in time nullifies this betrothal*******. Either way, while Romulans are biologically similar to Vulcans, one can assume that the emotionally expressive Romulans don't bottle up their sex drive to the point where they only mate once every seven years or die********.

    *******Ok, back to comparisons with the original... Man, changing one little thing has unintended consequences! For some reason Spock is a couple of decades younger, and Chekov is a decade older! Right, right, we need everyone to be the same age so that we can get everyone on the ship together at the same time. never mind, carry on.

    ********One can assume that Spock's mother, Amanda, had her own ways of dealing with seven-year dry spells*********. Uhura doesn't seem to have this issue, since her Spock obviously isn't following his Vulcan logic, since he's kind of forgotten about that whole "Don't sleep with students" thing.

    *********On no account should one look at Amanda's replicator or holodeck programs**********.

    **********This is the last nested footnote. I used to drive college professors crazy with nested footnotes.

    ^1 Holy crap, it's an endnote after the footnotes! Seriously--in Ep 1 the Jedi are reduced to fools by two Mace Windu lines and one Yoda line. Mace's lines are "Didn't we kill all the Sith 4,000 years ago?" and "He will bring balance to the Force!" Yoda's line is, "Perhaps wrong, the prophecy is."

    Bit of a shame that the Jedi don't have enough brainpower to realize that with the death of the Sith the JEDI ARE THE IMBALANCE! The Jedi should realize that danger is coming and that the Dark Side MUST be growing in power again. This would set up a wonderful tale in which the Jedi struggle to invalidate the prophecy, unable to avert the evil they know must be coming, perhaps even meeting their ends with dignity. That's a real mythic Greek Tragedy there which plays off the Joseph Campbell AND the fact that the audience already knows the latter parts of the story. Yoda's line should be something like, "Fulfilled, the prophecy is. Two Jedi. Two Sith. Balance, it is!"

    Of course this means Luke himself disrupts the balance. The Force Awakening must be the rise of the Dark Side again to counter the new imbalance caused by the New Jedi Order.

    Since Force Sensitives must be born all the time, we can see that this cycle can never end until all gene lines with high midi-chloridan counts are exterminated (oh, look, I actually made midi-chloridans important to the story!). And, with the death of all Force Sensitives in this time "long, long ago," leaving people unable to wield the paranormal powers the Force brings, we can see that the story of Star Wars is a fantasy about the death of magic.

    And suddenly, i went from bitching and moaning to blowing your mind with an actual theory that fits!

  • And the award for longest forum rant goes to ................... @Triem23

  • What else is new? One time I sent @SimonKJones a one word answer to a question. I like to think he spent five minutes looking for the rest of it.

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    Anyone can hijack this thread all they want- just don't say,"Hi, Jack" on a plane........unless he's a doctor with the last name of Sheppard. ;^)

    @RossTrowbridge  - That is the best 'brush with greatness' story I've ever heard! And to have it on video too!!!!!!!! I'd be on like cloud 42 after an encounter like that. All I've got is a hand shake and a short conversation with Alex Trebek ; Ricky Scagg's manager bought me a cup off coffee while waiting for Ricky's flight and subsequently drove Ricky and manager from airport to hotel; dropping off some important papers to the Oak Ridge Boys' hotel room- they were all there; a brief encounter with The Monkeys in a hotel dressing room to set up some tables for them; and Ray Crock [McDonald's founder] buying my choir lunch in a revolving restaurant because we sang- at that time- the current McDonald's commercial at a board meeting....."You, you're the one, you are the only reason. You, you're the one, that we take pride in pleasin'..." Ahhh the 70s. But for Dirk to remember your daughter's name the next day, give her a hug and accept a penny....................WOW!!!!!!!! Gives me hope knowing there are still some down to earth, selfless people in Hollywood.

    @Triem23 - LOLOL on the one word reply. Certainly out of character.  ;^)

    I can't argue the blatant ridiculousness of how new cocky Kirk got to be captain but I do have to ask- how much discretion is given to the director to change a storyline? Also, the writers did have an explanation for some of your points: "Figuring out ways to get the crew together required some contrivances, which Orci and Kurtzman wanted to explain from old Spock as a way of the timeline mending itself, highlighting the theme of destiny. The line was difficult to write and was ultimately cut out."

    Take that for what you want. I just see the new Trek as a way to open new doors for old characters and the first movie was just an introduction for what's to come. A fresh start as it were. I was resistant to bringing back Kahn but I liked the story and how they jumbled the original timeline. Looks like for the 3rd movie they're going to trash the Enterprise already but may deliver on what I've been hoping for- some fresh storylines. If you're going to create a fresh start in an alternate universe/dimension then explore- the possibilities are limitless. Stepping out of the formula, I think, is refreshing. And let's face it, Trek was just basically rehashing old ideas with different twists as each new series came to being. It was 75% predictable after Next Generation. Diplomat story, temporal anomaly story, crooked Starfleet Admiral story, alien that changes perception story, violate the Prime Directive story, first contact violation story, Borg story, Spock=Data=Tuvoc=T'Pol=7 of 9 [same personality type- different series] etc. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy watching all the different Treks but they did tend to recycle a lot of ideas, concepts & plotlines. I've been waiting 20 years for them to step outside the box. Brannon Braga wrote the best episodes. He had the ability to stump me.

    And on that note- hijacking a little more:

    And bringing it back around:

     @Andy001z - "And the award for longest forum rant goes to ................... @Triem23"

    I'll second that.


  • I'd ask for proof that Triem could actually do a one word response, but he'd probably just respond, "No." But that was an impressive rant.

    We had our shuttlecraft at Salt Lake Comic Con this year and had Vic Mignogna and Chris Doohan (James' son) from Star Trek Continues sitting in the shuttle hamming it up as Kirk and Scotty. Kirk was wanting Scotty to change all the street lights to green so they could go faster. Chris was doing a Periscope broadcast. I was able to snag a low resolution copy of it before it went away. 

  • @RossTrowbridge - Can you post it or is that off limits? At least they didn't resort to the "Scotty, beam me aboard" and have a 2 x 4 hit Kirk. lol

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    @StormyKnight c'mon, that's (sadly) probably the best thing America's Funniest Home Videos ever aired! 

    @RossTrowbridge the answer would be "Yes."

  • I personally might be the only one that thinks force awkakens might be, and I'll choose my words very carefully, no less than equal to the originals.

    I think JJ for some odd reason is the best possible director for a reboot. Simply because of his LOVE for the original trilogy. Although I wouldn't say the Star Trek movies were ground breaking. He did a great job of expanding the star trek universe as much as one could. Give him the universe of star wars and unlimited funding - I seriously think we're going to be blown away by how he absolutely nails it for every single type of fan. I think the dogfights are going to really show us what the falcon can do. And I'm so happy that the actors aren't very popular..but man oh man are they going to be.

    I also have the same view on trailers as he does. So many times I go to watch a trailer(I'm secretly a huge fan of them for some odd reason) and I stop it about 2/3 of the way through when I feel too much is being given away. With JJ's force awaken trailers you have no idea where everyone is or even if the footage is being pulled in any chronological error. I trust what I did see and did not want any of the trailers to tell any of the story.  Some of the better movies I end up seeing are ones I know ABSOLUTELY nothing about before watching.. Although I may know a thing or two about star wars already ;)

    I have my tickets for tomorrow night and Saturday afternoon and I'm like


  • Let's see if this works. I posted it in a public group on Facebook called Starfleet Command's Seventh Fleet. When you click on photos, and then videos, it is the second video listed with a time of 7:40. Here's the direct link.

    If that doesn't work, let me know. I don't think there would be too much problem getting it on my YouTube page.

    @Triem23 -But saying 'no' would have been more fun...

  • Maybe. 

  • Much better... *grin*


  • True!

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