HitFilm 4 Pro is out now and you can start using it immediately. As you’d expect, it’s packed full of massive new features and improvements.

Find out all about it on the blog: http://hitfilm.com/blog/hitfilm-4-pro-out-now/



  • Surprise! 

  • Great ! Now I have to find some money 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Here's a quick render showing the differences the new Cook/Torrance shader can make.

    On the left, a model from Turbosquid rendered in Hitfilm 3 Pro. This render looks like very smooth, polished granite. On the right, the same model and same lights, adding a bump map (the same texture as the diffuse map) and adjusting the specular, fresnel and roughness values to create a look more like a rough, pitted granite.


  • HarHar
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    Whoa, I step away for a while to focus on audio work, fully intending to get upgraded to version 3...and lookie what happens! 

    Question about the new system requirements: I see it now says "OpenGL 2.0 capable hardware with at least 512 MB video memory (NVIDIA GeForce 9 series, Radeon HD 5000 series, Intel HD 4000)".....does this mean my GTX570 has fallen completely out of spec now and is unsupported? (or am I being a total clueless dunderhead and should avoid posting questions before my morning coffee? LOL)

  • SimonKJonesSimonKJones Moderator
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    @Har - no need to worry, the 'GeForce 9 series' reference is about the 9800 group of cards, which are very old. The current newest NVIDIA cards are the 900 series (eg the GTX 970 - which is awesome). Your card is a 500 series card, which is still totally fine to use with HitFilm and well above the 9 series.

    Gotta love GPU manufacturers and their crystal clear naming policies.

    @Triem23 - that's cool and a really clear example of something you simply couldn't do before HitFilm 4 Pro. Love it! When's the tutorial coming, eh? ;)

  • Sorry we couldn't say anything sooner :P Had it about a week and loving it!

  • @Har I have tried HF 2-4 on a 2011 model laptop with a 2GB Nvidia GTX 580. Hitfilm 4 will run on your machine, but, because of the underlying changes in the render engine--unified space, the new physical shaders with all the new light reflections and refractions--there's substantially more going on "under the hood." Hitfilm 2 Ultimate will be noticeably faster on your machine than 4, but 4 Pro will still run fine on your machine. 4 will load project files from 2 (but, once saved out of 4 you can't go back to 2), so you have the option of setting up shots in 2 that don't require the new features of 3 and 4 (2D compositing, basic 2D compositing, most other FX), then transfer to 4 for advanced models, particles and projection. Also, given a lot of your music is ambient, I think you'd have fun with 4's audio effects. There's a really interesting "grainy" quality to a couple of the 'verbs, and you'll love being able to hook a Doppler shifter to a 3D point and moving that around! Still have to export AVI with no video and extract the wav in another program, but Hitfilm 4 just became a viable audio design tool. 

    @SimonKJones tutorial? I expect you or Axel to do the full tutorial on the new shader options, unless Valbarr beats you to it. ;-). When my new beast arrives, I am backlogged on tutorial outlines going back to 2 Ultimate! I actually do intend to do a "model prep" tutorial, but my approach will be a bit different, focusing on setting up scale, animation rigs, points, mattes and lighting (layered models) then saving the whole rig as a Composite Shot (preset) before even THINKING of bringing the asset into a scene. Materials actually should be dialed in last, since Material settings are always accessible. ;-) 

    But, yeah, that statue is this gorgeous 1.2 million poly job from Turbosquid (and free!), and that render is my first experiment with the Torrance-Cook shader. In your first look video you stated the new shader was great for metals--does stone very well also. 

    Hey, I have to be happy--I got four of five of my top wishlist items, and a few other lovely features. Most of what I perceived as weaknesses in the software have been addressed. HF4 is certainly the best version! The progress in the last couple of years is incredible! 

  • Awesome news, thanks @Simon and @Triem23! :D

  • I got 2 Problems with the new Version, and both has  to do with the Price: is it just me, that an Update-Price of 181€ sounds way  too much (as I can expect a new Update to pay every Year?) - There were also free Updates on H3, but not as many, as i thought. Also the Tutorials are not that many, as I expected  (as always)...

    But the more big Problem is: 169$ are normally at this Moment 159€ - and I'm forced to pay 22 Euro more than the normal Conversion Rate? Come on, you can do that better...

  • Hey Grisby, we've actually put out more updates for HitFilm 3 Pro than we've ever done before. We put out 8 feature updates and some of them were pretty big too.

    You guys have asked us to release new technology more often, which is inline with other software makers, so we're doing that and the upgrades in HitFilm 4 Pro significant. We'll be releasing updates as we go (just like we did with HitFilm 3 Pro) - the team are already working on update 1. As always, we don't believe in forcing people to update and HitFilm 3 Pro is still great software.

    As for the price being slightly higher in Euro and Pounds, this has always been the case because we're a European company and we have to charge European customers VAT to pass on to the government.

    Hope that helps.

  • Allow me to speculate. From upgrade costs to Hitfilm Express I can deduce that Imagineer takes about $50 in licensing fees. It's not unreasonable to assume Boris is a similar fee. Then Premium Codecs pack says Sony and Panasonic get about $10. I doubt these guys budge on these fees. The upgrade is $169, USD, of which FxHome is getting about a third. Upgrade costs are annoying, but I don't think it's an unreasonable price. This isn't a minor update, this is a rewrite of the core render and animation engines! 

    Details related to currency exchange and tax/tariff, etc are out of FxHome's hands. 

    Hope that wasn't preachy. I put genuine thought into the question. That's actually a surprisingly good price! 

  • The Update Policy isnt that Problem... to calculate a Conversion a false Way and to talk about the VAT (which is MY Problem, as I'm a german Company and you are in England I have to tell the VAT in Germany AND in England) - so why should there be another Price in Dollar?  FXHome is the ONLY Company, i know of, working that Way and putting 19% more on the converted Price... what I even cant see on the Invoke... so it seems, i have to pay 19% more, because of german (or european) VAT... what is normally no Deal, cause we all dont see a Dime from that VAT, but in THIS Case I have to pay it extra...

  • (I'm American :-) Don't hate me! ;-)  )

  • @ Triem23: 169$ is a good Update-Price... 182€ is not... 152 would be good to (even if I would expect 120€, but H4 seems to be a real Milestone again)...

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    Most companies charge hugely different amounts in Europe compared to the US. The new iPad Pro is $799 in the US, if you were to convert the UK price that would be $1033 (£679). We don't do anything like that, the difference is the VAT which we're required to charge.

    Regardless of this, if you're a German VAT registered company you can contact finance@fxhome.com with a purchase order and you won't have to pay the VAT... either that or you can claim it back (contact the same email address). This is a consumer website and therefore we have to charge European consumers (not businesses) VAT exactly as we should be.

  • @JoshDaviesCEO thank you for the clarification. That's good for your corporate customers to know. 

    (... Just waiting on my new machine to REALLY put HF 4 Pro through it's paces....) 

  • Right Josh, i claim it back... but dont have to pay 19% more on a Product from a foreign Country (not as I can see normally)... well, does not matter, I cant do anything in that Case...

    Nonetheless: I'm hot on H4, but I think on a Laptop with i7-4702MQ 2.2GHz and a NVidia GTX760M it would not work very properly, would it?

  • EDIT: I claim it back from the german TAX Bureaus, not from you, of course...

  • Well, I had the same questions about the price, because when I bought HF2U and upgraded it to HFP3 I paid in $$, though I don't remember if I used my US debit card (I'm working in US from spring to the end of the summer), but I think that I used my normal card (from Poland). Anyway I will buy new version, it is just weird that I was able earlier to pay in $$ and right now I cannot.

    P.S. I love your job. It looks that I will be able to use less AE and use more HFP4 right now 

  • Grisby, I have been running 4 on an i7-2760 and Nvidia 580GTXm. It's stable. It slows a lot when reflections/refractions are rendered (as one would expect), but, otherwise, performance is comparable to 3.

  • An upgrade right now?? Really?? Couldn't you have waited just one more week when I'd have the three projects I'm working on done so I'd have the time to really appreciate this?

  • I couldn't wait. I just upgraded HF3P to HFP4 

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    Grisby - That laptop sounds good to me - should be fine with HitFilm 4 Pro... an SSD always helps too. :)

    Arek - good news! :D

  • That's success: use base bump with v3, more and more updates, now so fast v4 even more sophisticated and complete for another step.

    My compliments to FXHome!

  • Does Hitfilm 4 already support 32bit workflows? As working with full 32bit EXR renders?

    Congrats on the release!

  • UbiUbi
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    Interpolation curves! Finally! This alone justifies for an upgrade!

    But... wait a moment... what does it mean "Pay As You Go" in the overview page? Is it something related using certain HF4 features or is only an unlucky screenshot?

  • Before I install a new version, I have a question: does HFP4 works with Sony Vegas 13? Or is it not integrated with this software?

  • @MillionModels sometimes it's hard to keep one's mouth shut when one wants to shout it out, eh? 

  • Josh: An 128GB SSD Starter Disk is onboard. ;-) - It's a Beast since Years and I'm working on all my Movies on it... the Graphic Card seems to me a little bit underpowerded over the Years... 16GB Ram (I thing 16GB more would help too...)

    But even H3 showed me Limitations on some Projects, so I think, I have to work on with Rendering in the Project...

    Thanks for the Help, Josh.

  • BTW: I'm still waiting for a little Script Language since H1... ^^ - But Interpolation Curves are really great...

    Thanks @ Triem23 for the Report...

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