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Need some help and advice on creating the correct light flare effect for my custom Universal Logo opener that i created in Cinema 4d and rendered in Hitfilm Pro...  Below is the original opener and underneath that is what i created.  

Any thoughts on how to make my render look more like the original using a light flare ( either created with hitfilm or a pre-rendered one from Another source like Video co pilot or where ever.  Thank you!


Universal logo opener

Logo i created using Cinema 4d and Hitfilm 3 pro




  • you can also do light flares in cinema 4d. go to the light settings, turn the visible light to on and go to the lens tab, and choose the flare that you want under the glow.

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    Still learning cod so I'll try that. However, any thoughts on simulating that light flare specifically in hf3 ? I've tried using the lighting effects in hf3 but need another opinion on how to get the effect from the video above. Thanks again.

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    This comes close- On a grade layer add the Light Flares and Light Rays effects. In the Light Flare controls, select Sun Spike in the Flare Type dropdown box. You can change the color, rays, hotspot etc. to match the one in the Universal logo. In the Other Elements control, set the brightness to 0 and that will leave just the part of the flare you're looking for. I'll assume at this point that you know how to animate the effect from here.

    For the Light Rays- Use sparingly as they will be most useful just before the flare disappears behind the Earth. You can adjust the intensity and radius to spike at the moment you need and then bring intensity back down. You'll want the Light Rays effect layer below the Light Flares layer to work properly.

    You'll need to keyframe the positions for each effect using the position controls.

    Hope this helps!

    Your logo looks great by the way. Just a couple more tweaks and you'll have it! I did a similar thing with the 1985 version of Universals logo (the one at the beginning of Back to the Future). It also has "An MCA Company" under the word 'universal'. Keep up the good work!

  • LIFE_LEADERSHIP very nice render, good job so far.

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    Ben, look at Inscape Digital's Radiance Lens Flare pack for Hitfilm. The key thing Valbarr did with those is layering multiple flares in his presets--he did things like combining a Hotspot from one flare (all other elements off) and light rays from a different flare (other elements off) and the lens reflections from a third (again, other elements off). The lesson here (one I'd overlooked myself) is one can always stack multiple instances of effects with different settings to create something you couldn't get from one instance. So, if you poke through the different flares you might like the rays from one type and the hotspot from another, and you can combine them! 

  • Excellent, thanks..

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