Having issues with logging out?

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A rhetorical question.  Why does the forum sometimes  log me out when enter?




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     Dimensional portal.

     Rhetorical answer.  ;^)

    That's happened to me a couple times. What browser are you using? I have to use IE at work which is where it's happened but it hasn't happened when using IE on my home computer.

  • It's happened to me both on Firefox (Windows) and Opera (Android). 

    Mere speculation, but I suspect when it happens, the Web devs have just gone live with site changes. 

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    Yeah happens to me on chrome windows and android

  • Being logged out is a subtle way for FXHOME to tell you you're wasting time reading forum posts when you should be working or doing something creative. 

  • Good point! Time to go outside and shoot some footage xD

  • I decided to watch Agents of Shield for uhhhhh ...........research........yeah research purposes 


  • I'm not 100% sure but it might be some kind of cookie timeout? I get the same problem in chrome home and work but it only seems to be if I haven't logged in to the forums for over a day. Of course that might well be a red herring but this issue has been around pretty much from day one. 

  • Happening to me too. Occasionally, when visiting the forums the first time in some browser that day, I shortly see the forums as if I were logged in, then it says "logging you out" and then I'm logged out. Quite annoying, as I have to click through multiple pages to get to the login again, and when I'm logged in back to the forum start page. Maybe put a login mask right in the sidebar, that just reloads the page on logging in? Going through the accounts page each time is cumbersome.

  • Hello,

    Let me try to clarify this point.

    The forum is a third party application that use the main website (hitfilm.com) to do the login/logout. on the main website we have a security policy that make your session to times out. This is to prevent somebody to use your account in a shared computer for exemple. 

    So when you come back to the forum after a while, it thinks you are logged-in (because you were from your previous visit) it then check the main website and then realize that actually you are not, so it logs you out for the security reasons explain above.

    I hope that helps, and sorry for the inconvenience it may cause

  • Geoffrey Papin,


    Thanks for the explanation.   If I was logging directly in the forum it would be a trivial event.  However, this always happens to me when I get an email alert to a thread I am following.  I click the link, get redirected to the forum and subsequently unceremoniously , logged out.   I now have to hunt for the thread that I was following.   However I recognize the need for security.




  • @GeoffreyPapin I guessed as much. But really, I know of only few websites that still use such a policy - for the majority, you click a checkbox at login that determines whether you'll stay logged in just for the current browser session, or just until you manually log out again (or at least, a very long time. Much longer than here).

    To be honest, I'd be perfectly fine with the policy in itself - I don't deem it neccessary, but it's definitely justifiable. It's just that I have to jump through way too much hoops to get back to what I actually wanted to do. A normal "log in again"-flow would be: Click on the login-button in the top right corner -> put in credentials -> hit Enter.

    Whereas on this forum, it's like this: Hit menu -> find and click "Account" -> put in credentials -> realize I'm on a completely different page now -> hit menu -> find and click "Forum". When trying to comment something the process is quicker as there's a button there that leads you right back after you've signed in, but that's not possible from the forum overview - which is where I always start, because I first want an overview over what's happening. Can't do that without the dots left to the threads actually indicating what's unread and what's not.

    I know I'm exaggerating a bit, but that process is simply unintuitive and cumbersome, more than I've ever experienced on any other website/forum. Just having a login button in view on every page of the forum that leads right back to that page after login would do the job perfectly.

  • How about: New tab, login to forum, back to original tab refresh.

  • @__simon__ Yeah, that would work too. But it wouldn't make the process that much quicker, and is still cumbersome. Call me lazy, but every additional step that feels unneccessary for something I have to do regularly and that is way easier with other products is going to frustrate me using a software.

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