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  • Today I'm answering some more forum questions :D


  • Loving those drone shot intros :)

    Just a bit of feedback - I preferred you sitting down and answering questions rather than you standing up at about 0:38 - just because the rest of your visuals are nice and interesting so there's no real need to change up the to-camera bits. 

    However, if you're anything like most tutorial peeps, you may have added that clip in because you realised you'd forgotten to say something (as it looks like later in the day?) If so, ignore the comment above!

  • @Aidin That's a nice new toy (I mean tool) you got there, looked nice and stable although there did not look to be much wind. Certainly can get some great establishing shots with something like this.

  • I quit posting weekly videos on the forum because it seemed to be becoming redundant and just taking up space-- but this video is a bit different :D

    As many of you could already tell, most of the clips in this have been graded using color gradients-- does it look cool or just weird?


  • Just found this new forum category-- between the movie wall and now this it's awesome to see just how much emphasis HitFilm is putting on the community aspect!

    Some of you might be interested in this: just a practical little VFX trick  :D


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    Very nicely done, as usual. :) 

    But FYI, Mocha for Hitfilm 4 Pro does support corner pin. It exports it directly into a Quad Warp Effect for you to use with your replacement texture. You can also use Autodesk MatchMover 2014 to create a 3D camera and apply the texture that way.

    Download from here, AutoDesk MatchMover 2014

    And did I mention it's FREE!!! :D

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    @Palacono :O I had no idea the HitFilm version supported corner pin, thanks for letting me know :D

  • Nicely done. The fourth way to handle this is to use the Clone Stamp effect in HitFilm. :)

  • I missed Tides for some reason the first time around. Personally I like your grading choices and think things turned out cool instead of weird and I love the shots you've been getting with your quad.

  • @Aladdin4d thanks! I was wondering what people in the film community would think of that grading

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    This is a short video I made about why movies have black bars/widescreen bars/letterboxing. I learned a lot making it, hopefully if you watch it you will too!


  • @Aidin Good info and research.

    Imagine if you will, when you're 50, and the head of some studio, a kid's going to come along and explain what that old timey 16 x 9 is all about.

    (remind me to tell you why HD  was held up by 10 years because Bill Gates wanted progressive scan instead of interlace)

    Seriously, keep doing what you're doing and making good stuff.

  • @Stargazer The whole march to HDTV was a mess from beginning to end.  @Aidin In some ways this article isn't 100% accurate but it's dead on when it comes to bureaucratic nonsense and industry lobbying.


  • @Aidin really solid little info bite. Kind of knew that, but nice to have it layed out in logic.

    I'm 43 years old so some of my youth was spend watching 4:3 TV sets (it was colour). Then my first computers BBC B+ and Amiga 500 both used a 4:3 monitor. In fact most office computers used this ratio as well, it is really only in the last 10 years that a 16:9 monitor on the office desk has become the popular choice. My father-in-law still has 4:3 ratio monitors (no they are not that old) and actually it's a nice workspace to use. I think anything smaller than a 22" monitor is just to squished.

    Anyway keep up the good work.

  • Quick breakdown of my personal favorite thumbnail style (seeing how indecisive I am this will probably only remain my favorite for a few weeks) and the techniques/elements I use to create it.


  • The videos are helpful, and your channel is growing rapidly. I can tell that you put a lot into them. Keep up the good work:)

  • Hey @Aidin - super impressed by the tutorials you're putting out at the moment. I think the last video of yours I watched was about a month ago and your editing style is already virtually unrecognisable (such is the rate of your improvement). You're far more confident in your delivery, the transitions are well thought out and visually it's even more fun to watch than it was before. 
    Nice work - looking forward to what you create next!

  • I got this mouse about a year ago for $13-- it's one of those awesome-looking gaming mice with color-changing lights on it. The price has actually dropped even lower.


  • I haven't made a legit "short film" in almost 3 months, and the tutorial format has begun to get me-- so I traveled to mountainland and made this cinematic video! (I think it's pretty cinematic at least). The main short as well as the before and after video (showing color grading and effects) have both been posted, and are both linked below (duh). I hope you enjoy one (or both)(or neither) of them!



  • Great job as usual! At this point I'd be shocked to see something bad from you........

  • @Aladdin4d ahhhhhhhh thanks so much!

  • Giving credit is super important (if you value not getting copyright claimed) so let's talk about it!


  • @Aidin Earn yourself a subcibe and like on that last one, really helpful, you didn't just do the obvious of saying just credit and put it here (i.e. in the describtion) you gave some handy tips to make it quicker and easyier. I didn't know about either of those google tips, so thanks.

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    @Aidin great video as usual, and I learned a few things too! :) 

    Was it just me, or is your audio a few frames adrift from the video?

  • @Palacono thanks! In regards to the audio, I don't notice anything being out of sync but I have had that happen in the past, so it might be off a bit

  • @Aidin ; Good point on citing sources.  2 college credits awarded!

  • When pixels turn completely black or completely white they are "clipping" and have no visual detail. This video is all about avoiding clipping while color grading:


  • This is a video containing ten tips (far more than I usually cover in one video xD) to add interest and variety to titles/thumbnails/graphics!


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    Great video as usual :) but you missed out both of the methods you used on the '10' and 'Tips' on your thumbnail . Clickbait!!!!! (kidding ;) )

  • Good Stuff!  I laughed my arse off with the fire drill . . .


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