FilmTech's Video Thread!

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Short Films

Star Wars - Trial By Fire

A force sensitive youth has been captured by 3 bounty hunters.

Made for the Film Learnin 10K film comp.

Second Chance

It is a sad story about a kid who has the hard life and finally he decides he has had enough and tries to end it. He wakes up in a strange Heavenly environment where he sees all he has to live for and all his great memories. He wakes up back on his bed before anything has happened and he has a Second Chance...


Teen President

This was made for a school Assembly because we watch kid president a lot so we wanted to make our own version of it with teen president we decided to show it to the internet cause it has some good messages to show in it. It was my first ever film kind of thing I made in Hitfilm 2 Ultimate.



This was made as a school project for film studies! It won a lot of the awards at our mini school Oscars and it has a good message in it. This was my first ever Short film also made in Hitfilm 2 Ultimate.

Free Assets

Hitfilm 3 Pro color grade preset pack

This was made so that you don't have to go through the time of getting the perfect look. It has over 10 presets. Don't for get to make some adjustments so it fits your film. Download link is in the description.


Hitfilm 3 Pro color grade preset pack+

Over 10 more presets to set the tone of your film

Download Link in the description


Hitfilm 3 Express color grade preset pack

10 color grade presets for Hitfilm 3 Express

Download link in the description


Free Shockwave Pack

20 shockwaves for your films.

Download Link in the description. 



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