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Used Majahr dissolving technique Text To Particles but applied on a logo image instead of a HF text layer. 

Problem the atomization is ok without any Fractal>Displacement>Layer association, with the association the image remain unchanged, adding also the Size>Layer association the image simply disappear.

Tried putting the image in a comp, nothing changed. I will be happy to obtain the effect in any other way, but also looking at this tutorial didn't allow me to recreate this.

Apologize asking for anything, but I'm passing over and over trying everything but simply didn't get any result. This is the last step to finish my logo animation.


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    What is the layer you're using as your map for displacement and size? What you need is to make certain that map layer is in an embedded composite shot.

    In Hitfilm, when you use another layer as a map for anything (and this is Atomic Particles, 3D Extrusion, Caustics, Envrronment Map layers in 3D Model Material settings, etc, etc, etc), The effect calling the map looks at that layer as it is BEFORE any effects or transformations are on it. Remember that--it's important.

    My guess is you've created a black plane then added a gradient to it in the same composite as your Atomic Particles layer. Therefore the Displace and size maps see... a black plane, which is 0% Displacement and 0% size.

    Convert your map layer to an embedded composite shot and that should fix your problem.

  • Thanks for your clarification, I did confirm following Majahr tutorial the Map and InvMap are separate comp, "embedded" (meaning simply taken from the Media list and put into the dissolve comp) and here used. 

    I did even test on a text layer as Majahr tutorial and got the same behaviour, really discouraging. 


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    Can you upload your project for me to look at? I've done the exact same effect with no problems. Maybe I can see what's going on?


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    Here you can find the project and here the logo image, thanks again and again...

    Logo dissolve is the comp with the dissolve effect

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    Ok, I just downloaded. BBIAB.

    It's telling me there's a missing GIF file. Can I assume I don't need that and I can just delete that from the media pool?

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    OK, I found a few problems.

    First, you had a Displace (not a fractal, but a Displace--the one right above the fractal) of about 102, that wasn't assigned to a map, so you always had some displacement going. I left this Displace in, but assigned it to the same map layer driving the Fractal displace/disperse

    Second, your Logo, Map and Map Invert were different sizes. I have upsized your Logo to fill a 1920x1080 comp and made sure your Logo, Logo Dissolve, Map and Map Inv comps were all 1920x1080.

    Third, why did you start the animation 5 seconds into your composite shot with dead space at the beginning? I butted everything up to the left edge. I changed the duration of the Dissolve, Map and Map Inv Comps to 10 second from 30, then made sure that all three comps actually have pixel data for all 10 seconds. (I assume you're just using the three seconds of the dissolve, then cutting in another shot?) You might want to delete the Logo Dissolve layer in your main comp and re-drop it on the timeline, since I chaged the timing of he Dissolve comp. That's probably easier than slipping the existing instance.

    Fourth, you had the center position of the Atomics offset, which was pushing everything up and to the right.

    Fifth, you had Atomics at 1024x1024 pixels, which was WAY overkill when it was a 500x300 (or so) comp.  Also, your particle size was 1, which didn't give a lot of room for the size map to work. I turned your particle count down to 200x200 and turned up the Particle Size to 30. This might work even better if you turned down the particle count a bit more and turned up the particle size again.

    Sixth. Your map animations never had frames of pure white and pure black. I moved your control points a little bit to change that.

    Finally, I added a Curves effect to your Logo comp and the other composite shot where you have the Logo as a JPEG. I brought the white point down a little bit so the bg isn't actually pure white anymore. You'd never notice if I hadn't just told you, but your particles, firefly and explosions should pop a little bit more now, since they now have some headroom to brighten up the logo.

    Hopefully this is closer to the look you want. Here's the updated project file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ux2zsco6fdmovd/Logo asyaballet animazione Triem Dissolve.hfp?dl=0

  • @Triem23 thanks for your help!

    In the last 2h I was trying to convert my comp to be the perfect copy of yours, aligning every single parameter in every comp.

    Nothing did make any difference, to solution was to export your Map comp and import into my project. The Map comp is the key, for some reason I didn't understand.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    That's odd, because I just used your map comp, making sure it was 1920x1080, and moving the points a little bit to make sure there was pure black and white frames!

    Looking at your project I know you're putting a lot of effort into this, so I hope the Dane Studio is happy with the final result!

  • Being a dance studio I'm focusing on the artistic side, unfortunately my limitations in understanding the tool drive the result to be just a compromise among what I want and what I can achieve (fortunately with your help all is better!).

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