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Hitfilm 3 Pro Color Grade Preset Pack

10 Color grading presets to add style to your films!

------> Download Presets <------


Nerf Dart Green Screen Slow Mo Pack

4 Different Nerf Darts, 2 Different Angles, HD 1080p! 

------> Download Stock Footage <------


Light Leak Stock Footage Pack

10 Light Leaks for your films... Customize with Color Vibrance to fit your film!

------> Download Light Leaks <------

Fire Stock Footage Pack

20 Shockwaves 1080p...

------> Download Shockwaves <------


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    Very generous and thanks for the presets. Instructive.

    I noticed one thing. All the presets are listed as "layer Only", and thus not available in the editor, yet they only use effects which are not restricted to layers.

    A quick test indicates that Hitfilm marks a preset as [layer only] when it is created from the composite timeline, regardless of the effects in the preset. Bummer. It would be nice if HF would only restrict when necessary.

  • Make your footage a composite shot then add a new grade and drop the preset on. Warning the presets don't work in Hitfilm 3 express...

  • The preset files are just XML so I edited them and found the flag marking them composite only and changed it. Now they work in the editor and the composite timeline.

    HasCompositeShotOnly="1" --> HasCompositeShotOnly="0"

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    @NormanPCN Awesome :D

    Also I am hopefully going to be putting up a smoke stock footage pack soon.

    Edit- Sadly it got delayed but expect some fire stock footage coming soon :D

  • @FilmTech I can make the edited ones available to you if you want. 

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    Sure :)

    Private Message it to me

  • Nerf dart footage would be cool if you slightly rotated the camera around as if it was going past the camera. (I am assuming you saw it on the Red Giant site? Look at their green screen footage, replicate that? Would be awesomely helpful.)

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    Yeah I did. such awesome guys! Didn't have time to shoot that shot... If you still want it I could do it. But the lighting and stuff will probably be different.

  • New Light Leak Stock Footage Pack!

  •  These are great, thanks for sharing them so generously!

  • No problem! More are coming out soon

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  •  Don't forget to tell me if you use these in a short or something :D I would love to see them in action!

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    I didn't use your stock, but it did tempt me into creating my own short using NERF. So thanks for that I guess :D

  • Alright :P

  •  We now have a website to download the footage from too :D

  • Wow - that website looks seriously cool! Is that a preset or did you design it yourself?

  •  Based of a preset with some customization

  • @FilmTech are the Shockwaves all done in Hitfilm? If so any chance of a tutorial please?

  • The shockwaves were made with the two free shockwave bases from video copilot I then did fine adjustments in hitfilm and tweaked the colors. I used different warps, blurs, speeds to give them a unique feel. 

  • So @FilmTech are they not rendered using the partical sim in Hitfilm, ur just puting some grades on top? Sorry just want to understand if these can be built in Hitfilm. I think so, but good to understand the workflow.

  • In this case I used grades and warps but it can be done with hitfilm just not to the same level. It doesn't have the wet almost inky liquid feel to it. You can go on to see how they made them in after effects. You can replicate most of what he does in hitfilm but I found you dont get the same effect. You can give it a shot though. Maybe you can get a better looking one then mine. But yeah I used the two free files and edited speeds warps colors sizes that sort of thing.

  • Cool thanks for the quick reply.

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    Here is a converted tutorial from after effects to hitfilm by one of the hitfilm comunity members.

  • thanks for sharing :)

  • Great stuff, thank you very much for sharing! I wish I'd had your pack before I tried my own Nerf video. It was fun to play with and learn though. Mini-Nuke

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