Jet Strike (Video Co-pilot)

If you guys are liked me and bought Jet Strike and found that your animation rigs did not look real and you don't want to be limited to producing  what you have learned in the available tutorials, whew that's a long sentence.

Long story short, I found a copy of Top Gun in the used bin at the local audio/visual store for $4.95.   After ripping it,  I extracted some flight scenes to pattern my rigs.  I figure I would share this idea.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Bob, great idea, and a great illustration that it's important for a VFX artist to use reference footage when trying to recreate real-world motion. 

  • In Top Gun they used scale models to do the damaged parts. But the shots of the models were too still to look real, so they attached a lob sided electric drill to their camera rig to make it wobble. This made things look worse but it matched the footage of real aircraft. 

  • Yup! Great idea! I just saw a video about the original Star Wars and the way they used WWII gunnery videos from airplanes to recreate the movement of Han and Luke fighting the TIE fighters from the Millennium Falcon after escaping the Death Star. Hey- that long sentence thing must be catching!

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