Simple Planar Tracking in Mocha

HI everybody.

Trying out HF and REALLY liking it.

I'm trying to do a simple planar tracking in Mocha: a truck passing in front of a camera from left to right, and I want to replace the logo on the side of the truck with my own logo. After tracking, I have to do a camera solve, import the result into HF, then use the Quad Warp effect on my logo. However, when trying to solve, Mocha gives me an error message saying that I can't use the auto mode to solve this kind of tracking, I have to use another solving mode. I tried all of them, impossible to get a solve, hence, impossible to export to HF. This is a very simple tracking. It's just a truck passing from left to right. In AE, it's very easy to do. Track, then export in "Corner Pinning" mode, apply the tracking to the target image and voilà. In HF I have only two options: solve or export as shape. Solve works only randomly (with certain types of footage), and export as shape doesn't allow me to define an image file for corner pinning. Is there a workaround for this?



  • There might be another way to go about this - you can simply use the point tracking inside HitFilm to track the for corner points you need, and then assign those as the points for the quad warp.

    I'm not sure how you would correctly do this with mocha, haven't done anything with it in a while.

  • Is the camera moving, while the truck moves? If not, then use point tracking in HitFilm, as Robin Suggested.

    If yes, then you still might want to use point tracking. To track it in mocha, you will first need to track at least two planes in the shot that are not moving (so, nothing on the truck) and solve the camera move. Then, track the moving object, in this case the truck, and export that layer to HitFilm.

  • @Robin: I tried that but couldn't  find a way to assign the points. And it was also way too complicated and not nearly as accurate as a Mocha tracking.

    @Alex: No, the camera isn't moving. I might try your method, but here's my question: doing a planar tracking like the one I want is way simpler than a camera solve. So why is it that this feature isn't in Mocha HF?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Ireground. Features in Mocha Hitfilm are, of course, set by Imagineer, not FxHome.

    That said, the free Mocha with AE does roto masks, and sends corner-pin data, but does NOT do camera solves. Mocha Hitfilm does camera solves and roto splines, but does NOT send corner-pin data. Imagineer chose to bundle those features with the cut-down versions that interface with their respective hosts. 

    For the record, Mocha Pro can only directly export Camera Solves and Roto Masks to Hitfilm. To integrate Mocha Pro's Insert, Remove, Stabilize and Lens Correction modules in Hitfilm tge workflow is to render the results of those modules directly from Mocha to re-imporr to Hitfilm. 

  • Mocha AE doesn't do camera solves because AE itself does them. What I find strange is: why does Mocha HF do the camera solves and does not do simple tracking for corner pinning. That would be a necessary feature to add. I'm trying to leave AE for HF, but for me it's a deal breaker. I do corner pinning all the time.

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