Taken 2?

It was announced yesterday on comingsoon.net that Taken would have a sequel! The article can be found here.
What do you guys think?


  • Great names must be reused.
  • NOOO! Why ??? The story was told in Taken ? Its not a story that needs a sequel? It was a fantastic film, why cant they leave it be!
    Damn Studios I-)
  • Well, if someone can make something great, it would and should be Liam Neeson. For that, I will be excited for this B-)
  • I don't know, I liked the first one, so long as this is a "sequal" as in it has the same characters in the same setting, but with a new story that doesn't involve someone in Bryan Mills life being taken, then I'm up for round 2! Haha I almost hope it somehow involves his old, retired, military/spec ops buddies from the first one. I think that could be cool.
  • I'm willing to give it a try, because the first one was great. It's also being described as "sequel" rather than "prequel" at the moment, which is a positive sign :)

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