HitFilm Plugins with Speedgrade (Win 10)

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Speedgrade CC 2014 will crash on open, after installing the latest pluggins under Windows 10 IP Build 10162. it will get to working if pluggins gets uninstalled.


  • Tested with prior plugin version 3.1.4023.05404x64 and it works just fine, so the culprit is the last version.

  • Thanks for that feedback. Note that Windows 10 is not officially supported in its pre-release form. I'll mention this to the developers though, so they can take a look at any possible conflict with Speedgrade.

  • I just found out that is the AfterFx OXF plugins causing it, if plugins are installed as custom, just includding premierepro and hitfilm, speedgrade will work just fine, just to let you know guys !

  • AdyAdy Staff


    As Axel has already stated, Windows 10 is not a supported platform for using the Plug-ins as such we can offer no support for problems you encounter when using a non-supported OS.

    However, I have taken a look at the issue you have raised & on the Windows 10 machines we have here Speedgrade CC 2015 works fine when the Plug-ins are installed as confirmed by the screenshot below;

    Windows 10 Test

    I noticed you have stated you are running the Speedgrade CC 2014, can you upgrade to the latest version & see if it works?

    It should also be stated that no other 3rd party plug-ins are present on the test machines I used, so please take a look at what else you might have installed that might be causing a conflict when launching Speedgrade.


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