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Looks like the new SW movie will be more organically based like the first trilogy. Hopefully there will be fewer digital characters and hopefully, none like Jar-Jar. All I can say is.....HUZZAH!!!!! While the digital sets and locations were okay in the first trilogy, it did lack that overall feeling of being real. Sometimes movie production should follow the three tenets of real estate: Location, location, location.

Looks like Carrie Fischer lost some weight since her appearance on The Big Bang Theory. Lookin' good.

Please feel free to take this quick survey on the upcoming trilogy:

Edit: I'll post the survey results once this is out there a while. I don't know why it doesn't show a tally to the survey taker. I'll double check the settings to see if it will allow that.


  • This looks amazing, and gives ambitious promises. So stoked for this movie!

  • Must not get excited. Must not get excited. Must not get excited. Must not get excited. Must not get excited. 

  • RobinSimonKJones - I'm at the same place! I know walking in I'm going to feel like I did walking into The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the a little excited kid. Do I dare add a 'tee-hee'?  ;^)

    I didn't get the survey posted before you guys commented. I added a quick 3 question survey to the mix.


  • Me 2, if I am feeling low or need a feel good moment, I put on the trailer (Fan edit is best) and get that feeling of excitment, which so far is still there. The recent BTS footage just confirms this is back to basics.

    It raises an interesting question, aside from the fact that JJ is allowing himself to indulge in some classic film making techniques, is this style of practical effects movie cost effective over CGI? I'm thinking does having to build everything in pre-production add lots of time and budget vs doing post and having the flexibility to say, you know what I think we should make that Jabba the hut 20% bigger (CLICK) - DONE. Or does it boil down to having the practical effects in there makes the movie so much better from actors being able to relate to what is there and such and fans getting more satisfied that this is a real universe (Mad Max a good recent success story).


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    Andy001z - If I were in J.J.'s shoes I would be doing exactly the same thing. While the CGI is impressive these days, the physicality just doesn't do it for me with this particular series. Other movies that utilize CGI don't look less physical if they were created that way from the beginning and if the actors and such interact properly i.e. something like Cloverfield or Jupiter Ascending. But since Star Wars started with actual physical locations due to the lack of good GCI in 1977, the second trilogy left me feeling empty or hollow. As if I was just experiencing a computer generated universe with no real world substance. Even that stupid love scene in the field didn't convince me 'this place could be real'.

    As to whether it's cost effective to make the sets and props and creatures- well no, it's very expensive unless they're buying their supplies in bulk at Walmart or Cosco. lol But I doubt anyone is worrying about that right now since the projected figure for opening weekend ticket sales alone is $2 billion- that's billion with a B.....or: 1,814,030,000 Euros and 1,287,040,000 GBP.

    I had to hunt for a currency converter that would handle those numbers. lol

    So the new Mad Max - two thumbs up? I really want to see it but have been leery that it will be a watered down version.

  • Indeed, those figures are most impressive. I wonder if there is some bunch of accountants somewhere going over receipts from the production unit.

    1 x budget of slime : for Jaba the Hut

    100 x White helmets

    20 brown cloaks

    2 tones of sand for extra dirt effect

    1 x speeder bike kit.

    and such :) hehe

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    It's going to be all about getting the balance. People also quite often don't acknowledge that a huge amount of the prequels were real miniatures and sets - it just all FELT like CG/fake. It's not purely about the technique being used, but about how well it's being used.

    I still think that the problem with the prequels has nothing to do with CG vs practical, and everything to do with script. If the scripts had been bang-on, nobody would have had a problem with the CG. If Jar Jar had been an amazing character, nobody would have cared - Gollum certainly didn't look 100% photoreal in the LotR films, but nobody cared because the character was superbly realised through the writing and acting.

    The visual style of the prequels certainly had issues, but the only reason they feel so huge is because the core of the films - the stories - failed. As soon as that happens, you start noticing everything else. Don't forget how excited everybody was based on all the prequel trailers - every time - and it wasn't until you saw the full film that everybody got disappointed.

    So the crux is whether JJ has a good script. He's a phenomenal filmmaker and can elevate even poor source material (Star Trek Into Darkness), so fingers crossed he's working from a solid base.

  • Very true Simon, it all comes down to how well the story is told and if we can get "inside" the movie. I think this is the magic of a good actor (and writer), if they have the talent to connect with their audience. Think about a classic stage show with a chair and nothing else on the stage then the actor. A monologue of a great actor can bond you for hours and he does not need any special effects. 

  • The 'leaked' trailer of Suicide Squad was just as exciting for me! :) It's looking like it's going to be amazing.

  • SimonKJones- "...because the core of the films - the stories - failed. As soon as that happens, you start noticing everything else."

    Touche! That may be why I "watched" more than following along. Although, episode 1 didn't even 'feel' like a Star Wars film to me whereas I thought the 2nd and 3rd got a lot closer. I attribute part of that to the music as well. The Force Theme wasn't used nearly enough in The Phantom Menace......nor was The Imperial March, Yoda's Theme or even The Emperor's Theme. I remember getting the soundtrack which was released 2 weeks before the movie (before I saw TPM) and while listening, I missed a lot of the old, familiar themes. They came back more in the subsequent episodes. That may have been by design but it left me feeling a little detached even while watching the movie.

    In the first run in the theaters- was this what Yoda looked like on the left? I remember him looking different but not so bad as to look like an angry half Mogwai, half Gremlin looking thing. I must have the updated version on DVD.


    Gollum wasn't real?!?!?!?!  ;^)

  • @StormyKnight I think your right about the music, the new trailers all have the classic SW music. We know that John Williams has some new work in the upcoming film but all I want is the classic music to strike up as the titles roll, then I can die a happy 40 something man.

  • Yeah, the puppet Yoda in Phantom Menace was truly awful.

  • @StormyKnight - about the new Mad Max. Depends what you expect. But it is a pure adrenaline, whole movie long and you will love it or hate it :)

    For me, in the cinema, it worked. It would probably not work on a computer screen or on tv.

  • @Marcin I hope that MadMax is the cinema forerunner to what we can expect from StarWars in December. Basically it felt like we were stepping back into the world of Max once more, and that for me was the winning deal. All the evidence so far from the Starwars team suggests it is heading firmly down that road.

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    Andy001z - One thing I kept hoping to hear, music wise, was something along the lines of this piece. I don't really care for the choral stuff in a language I don't know. But this music not only makes me think of the scenes in the movie but gets my adrenaline pumping too! (start at 57 seconds for what I'm referring to- for some reason youtube's start at 'this time' feature isn't working)

    KirstieT- Okay- never heard of this one. So what IS the Suicide Squad? It looks like a parody of familiar heroes and villains.....I watched the trailer.

    Marcin - Well, if it has remained true to the original Mad Max trilogy I can't wait to see it. Unfortunately, I won't get to the theater on this one so I'll pick it up on pay-per-view when it's released. By that time, hopefully, I'll get the 42" screen LCD tv I've had my eye on. In my living room, it should be just like sitting in a theater.

  • Wow... just took a 5 minute break from modeling and saw this, freakin' wow! 

  • @StormyKnight well, at least don't forget to make it loud. I've read somewhere, that the movie is the coolest and longest heavy metal video and the sentence is close to the truth :)

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    spydurhank - It looks very promising, doesn't it? I just hope J.J. delivers.

    Watch- the whole movie will be done with Legos. LOL!

    Marcin - I just watched the trailer......looks pretty cool. Can't wait to see this!

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    I was most excited about the first look at Shannara. I've been waiting decades for that to make the jump to the screen.  And I love the irony of John Rhys-Davies going from Gimli the Dwarf to King of the Elves and taunting Orlando Bloom about it on the panel.

  • @StormyKnight actually, Suicide Squad isn't a parody, but really a gathering of some of the biggest super villains from the DC Universe. Joker, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Deadshot and some more getting together and blowing stuff up, as it seems :D

  • ESPictures - The quality of production is remarkable for a tv show. I have not heard of The Shannara Chronicles but this looks like it would be worth investigating. If I forget to program my DVR I've got on demand so I'm covered one way or the other. Remember when MTV played music videos?

    Robin - Interesting. So is it like an anti-Justice League? Does evil prevail?


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    Andy001z - I listened to The Empire Strikes Back sound track last night while delivering pizzas.....had the windows down and the music cranked way up! Got some funny looks but I don't care. lol I think, regarding the 6 SW movies so far, Empire and Jedi were two of Williams' greatest works to date. The new themes that were introduced in Empire: Yoda's theme, the love theme twixt Solo and Leia, the Imperial March (Darth Vader's theme), Jabba the Hutt's theme-- then in Jedi: the Emperor's theme with the deep male voices on melody- sends a chill up my spine still and then Luke & Leia's theme- superb stuff. I also object to some of the music changes made in the 30th anniversary releases. Lapti Nek was a great, decadent piece and they replaced it!  

    I've always thought the music in the movies was so craftily done, always changing meter to match the ebbs and flows of a fight/battle scene and/or combining several themes at once- there wasn't as much of that technique in Episodes 1-3. My personal opinion on music in movies is it's at least a third (if not more) of what the viewer experiences whether they are aware of it or not- you'd be surprised how many people don't notice the music. And being a musician all my life has made me keenly aware of music in movies and television shows. It seems to me, shows and movies that have a definite theme and uses it as dramatic theme music throughout is the best. It not only identifies the music with the show (or vice versa) but it gives that show or movie a distinct, familiar feel.

    I got so caught up in the music while driving last night that when the asteroid field music came on I found myself dodging and weaving between cars at a very high rate of speed. I didn't get caught but there was a big line of accidents behind me for several miles. lol  ;^)

  • Here's a link to the survey results. Only 4 respondents.


  • @StormyKnight I'm not really familiar with the comics at all, but from the trailer it looks like all those bad guys are gathered by some business people to carry out a suicide mission. It doesn't look like a good vs. evil story just flipped around, as you didn't see batman, superman or anyone of them around, so it might just be the mission that's the main interest for the story here. This is all just guesswork based on the trailer, though :D

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