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The bounding box of a text layer remains visible when you hide the text layer. Is that meant to happen? I just added a point and would like to move it with the mouse, but it does not appear anywhere on the screen.

I have text objects and think - oh the new point must be hiding behind the text, so I'll hide all the text layers and see if I can then see the new point.

But no. Hiding the text layers leaves behind all these empty boxes.

Would have thought it would make the text layer and anything associated with it disappear?


  • Well, from my experience, the "Hide"-toggle hides everything of a layer that's visible in the final render. What you still see are the controls only visible in the viewer, those are simply always visible for any layer(s) that you have currently selected. So, deselect your text layers on the the timline and the bounding boxes should disappear.

  • Nope. Did you try?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    edited April 2015

    Yes. I just created a random comp with a BG plane a text layer a particle system and a 3D model--when I hid the text layer and select another layer the text bounding box goes away. If the layer is hidden but selected, the text bounding box appears. With my text layer hidden I can select and move my other element--all widgets show and the text box goes away when the layer is deselected.

    I am running the most current version of Hitfilm.

  • Yes. Created a text layer, wrote something into it, hid it with the toggle. The text itself disappeared, the bounding box and control handles didn't, just like you said. I clicked somewhere else on the timeline to deselect the text layer, and the bounding box and controls disappeared as well. Is this not working for you?

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