Mouse Wheel Zoom in the Timeline with Ctrl Key

Using the mouse wheel to zoom in the Timleine also scrolls the time line Up and Down, seems counter productive if I'm trying to zoom in on a particular layer. Not sure if its supposed to work this ways or not. If i Scroll over the ruler in the time line the layers do not scroll however.

Windows 8

I7 4770, GTX 770

12 gigs of ram



  • Yes, also experiencing that here.

  • edited April 2015

    I have got problems with the mouse zoom inside the viewer. After the update it seems like getting worse, now I only can zoom only limited when inside the perspective view. 

  • on a similar note, using the different views (top,bottom,left,right)

    is now limited to around 15% when zooming out, i make extremely numbered and detailed scenes  with models and emitters, now im finding that im having to drag my way through to make alterations to my scenes, 

    if there's a way to unlock this please let me know because its wasting a lot of time having to drag all the way to one end of the grid to the other,

    on another note im loving the scroll move in perspective ! 

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