Dealing with decimal values

I'm working on an Italian Windows 7 64 bit, and i'm facing a really annoying issue. Usually, numeric fields in HF3 show decimal values in "123.456789" format, not "123,456789". That's ok for me, i'm not complaining because i see "." instead of ",".

But here is the issue: if i want to change the value, maybe a decimal digit, i simply change that digit and exit the field. This instantaneously converts the number to integer format (0.08 -> 8). If i want to keep the original value i must overwrite "." with "," each time i change the value. Then when i exit the field the "," is converted to "." and the value keeps decimal.

Is there some kind of locale setting in HF that i'm unaware of?



  • Yes, this bug is annoying, I raised that before (german locale here), I think that might have been in the internal bug tracker during beta though. It isn't fixed yet, and sadly can't be influenced by the user either for now, but the team is aware of it. I think so at least :D

  • AdyAdy Staff


    As Robin has already stated we are aware of this issue & it has been raised internally.
    It will be fixed, but there maybe a workaround in your Regional settings if you are on the Windows platform. I haven't fully tested it yet but if you'd like to know I can certainly detail it here to see if it works.


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