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Well, last year we got Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare and now Catalyst edit...

Fellow Vegas editors, we're looking at a whole new Sony edit suite that's cross-platform (Mac/Windows).  Since, over the last 16 years Sony hasn't bothered to do a fucking* version of Vegas for Mac, and, given that Sony's been editing it's own presentations in FCPX,  I think, unless the good people at FxHome can assure us otherwise, we can pretty much call Vegas dead. There may be a 14, but I suspect that'll be it or Vegas Pro will die, leaving us the inferior Vegas Studio. 

Best case scenario: FxHome buys Vegas. You guys have  been innovative enough to take an excellent editor and bring it to the next level. Sony's really been letting Vegas stagnate since 10.

Crap. Guess it's time to brush up my Premiere skill-set. Ugh, Premiere is so clunky!  

*Yeah, I dropped an f-bomb. Sometimes it's the only word that figs.  



  • Have you tried Lightworks? Davinci Resolve 12 also sounds promising. There is another app, what's it called, oh yeah, HitFilm.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I have played with Resolve a bit. Not Lightworks. 

    I do a lot of multicam, so Hitfilm's editor isn't suitable for my needs. Love Hitfilm, but in my workflow it's a shot-maker, not editor. It's the chocolate shell around the peanut butter core of Vegas. 

  • There is a couple of Sony's "PRO"  proggies that people are calling dead,  Acid Pro, DVD Arch off the top.... Wouldn't be surprised to see Sound Forge bite the dust either, or a whole new re-write and re-branding.

    I don't know that I would jump on Premier yet. Sony might, might offer a cross/upgrade path.

    Simon, although HitFilm's editor is pretty good there are a bunch of tools in VP that I use constantly that have not made it into the HF editor.....yet.



  • Light works is an excellent editor, maybe the best one I have used, but that is about all it does well.  It's set of tools and effects/transitions are lame.  If you look at it as one purpose it does it very well.

    Catalyst Edit has limited features and is really currently intended to be a quick adjustment environment.  I am heavily invested in Vegas Pro for NLE but may end up looking to Resolve because it is becoming more and more the one stop solution that I got Vegas for.

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator
    edited April 2015

    I'm not sure what all to make of this yet. When one of your premier features is a ripple edit mode then I think I'm looking at a fairly limited program. There's whole bunch of other stuff missing too like say a plugin architecture. Right now it seems to just be a cutter to pare down your clips for finishing off in something else. It might grow into something more but we'll have to wait and see. 

    Things are changing all over. Adobe moved to a subscription model, Avid is moving that way and is already offering a free version of Pro Tools with a comparable free version of Media Composer coming soon. Lightworks went open source and low cost but is slowly shifting back towards proprietary with a higher price tag. Resolve is free for most things and adding better editing tools with every new version. Maybe there is no place for Vegas in the future. If and when I have to change it will probably be to Edius but at the rate things are going who knows?

    It's been 8 years since ACID Pro had a new release so it's definitely comatose if not dead. Sound Forge on the other hand has been expanded to include a Mac version that's getting pretty regular updates so I don't see it going anywhere soon. DVD Architect? Well all DVD authoring programs maxed out what it's possible to do on a DVD a long time ago so how do you convince somebody to spend more money for new software when what they have already does everything possible? Adobe and Apple both have already dropped disc authoring completely. Yes Blu-Ray added a bunch of new capabilities but to author a disc that uses those features requires a completely different framework which is probably why Sony bought DoStudio and charges 3 grand for it rather than updating DVD Architect and asking users to fork over hundreds of dollars for the upgrade! 

    @dancerchris - Agreed Lightworks is a great cutter but that's it and Catalyst Edit appears to just want to be a simple cutter.

    @Triem23 Resolve 12 adds multi camera support BTW.


  • I'm not a pro, but it seems to me, that the Catlyst is not targeting the same people as SVP/SMS. So, the question is, if the SVP/SMS target is still important for SCS.

    We will see :)

  • Used Lightworks for a long time. It's actually what made me get HitFilm. Lightworks was absolutely horrible. Completely unstable, workflow was terrible, keybindings unintuitive, updates poorly implemented. And yeah, there really weren't any good features besides the editor itself. I'd stay far away from it.

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