Quad Warp points wandering about. Problem/ User Error?

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I'm not having much success using Quad Warp on textures or planes in getting the points to stay still.

Having tried Axel's mocha tutorial, the points bounced around a lot when I used Quad Warp to apply a texture to 4 tracked points. I put this down to it taking 3 attempts to get mocha to do the camera solve and it had messed up the points position.

But, then I tried with the same video and using Hitfilm's Point tracking...


I've had really excellent results with it for Transforming, and Stabilization, so I was surprised to find the same thing happening when I tracked 4 corner points and applied the Quad Warp to them again.

And then to confirm it wasn't the 2D Point Tracker struggling with the source video: I used it again to stabilise the final result so that the jittering textures could be seen more clearly; and the resulting background was rock solid, but not the Quad Warped texture.

Side Question: Why can't you use a tracker on an embedded composite file? I thought once it was all 'squashed together' I could use it as a layer like any other, but there was no tracker option on the second composite file.

As it was missing, the route was: Hitfilm 3>Export as MP4 > Reload> Stabilise the result, Scale up, add explanatory text - including markers showing how stable the final result was (static text) > export as MP4 again.

Note: You'll also see a slightly white halo around the texture. That is a white plane that is also attached to the same 4 points, behind the texture. I didn't expect it to be visible at all, but it is. Turning it off makes the while halo disappear.

So, does this show the Quad Warp isn't being very accurate?

Another side Question: I'm still interested if a previous issue was By Design, since I added a video to explain what I meant and it's fallen down the stack: http://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/6387/layer-properties-alignment-not-updating-orientation-rotation-in-console#latest :)


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