How to use your TV as your greenscreen

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I just made this little clip demonstrating how you can use your TV as your greenscreen.
No need to worry more about wrinckles in your greenscreen cloth.
I just made a 20 minute videoclip of chromakey green and played it on my tv.
Of course using the TV in this manner has it's limitations, but for close ups or filming objects, this could be an alternative solutions for those who don't have a greenscreen at home.
I was about 1 meter away from the TV. Filmed at night when dark, and also just one lamp at the back shining up into the roof giving ambient light.
See what you think! :)


  • Depends on what camera, some of cameras pick up the distortion in the tv signal. Therefore the black is more prominent.
  • wow this is very creative, but less extensive in scope and can only be used for a fraction of the body
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    Cool, but because it emits light, you could get a lot of green spill on you that is being emitted from the TV
    The green spill is for if people are filming in White cloths or something that green will show on, your work very well,
  • True, using the TV as a greenscreen has lots of limitations, but it can have some uses, and it works pretty well! White cloths could be a problem yes! :)
    Would love to see other forum members try this as well!
  • I have a greenscreen, received in a visionlab bondage .. bundle.
    Just found it last week in the bottom of the gardrobe, it's still virgin, and is in its original packing... it's time for some action!

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