Speed effect cutting off clip

I'm trying to sow down a 50fps clip to 25fps, so I set the speed effect to 0.5 which slows it down by half, but the overall length of the clip hasn't changed, so my three second clip is now 1.5 seconds of the original clip slowed down to fill three seconds rather than three seconds slowed to fill six seconds.

I tried dragging the clip sliders, but nothing changed.


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    Speed effect in Hitfilm is a little strange to use. I think you need to move the clip you are slowing down into it's own composite. Make it twice the length of the clip. Apply speed effect, then you should be able to grab the right edge of the clip and drag it out to fill the composite shot. Then bring this comp into your main shot/editor timeline as an embed. 

  • Yeah, what Triem said is the way to go. This is because you can't extend clips to more than the original clip length, no matter what effects you place on them, and the speed effect is just another effect. If HitFilm would allow to make clips longer than the original (via automatic looping for example, like Vegas does) this would work more intuitive.

  • ok, thanks guys :)

  • Does not work. Please help! I can't slow my video down without loosing footage, very strange bug

  • @magicstyle Triems explanation might have been a little unclear.

    - Put the clip you want to slow down into its own composite shot.

    - Make the composite shot twice the length of the clip (Longer if you want to slow it down to less than half its original speed), so you have plenty of dead space behind the clip

    - Place the new comp where you had the clip originally

    - Apply the speed effect to the new comp. If you're still loosing footage at the end, make the composite shot longer in relation to the clip.

    If this still doesn't work, please share the project file you ended up with so we can have a look, if possible.

    Another way to slow a clip down would be to reduce its framerate in the properties of the clip in the media panel (reducing from 30fps to 15fps for example will give you a .5 slowdown). This doesn't work though if you need the clip multiple times but at different speeds throughout the project.

  • Thank you Robin, these instructions where way better, now it finally works !!!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yup, Robin totally explained that better! 

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