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I saw in the manual how to change the default length of a project, but don't see how to change the duration once a project has been created. The one I am playing with to learn Hitfilm 3 is only a little under 30 seconds but the default time is 5 minutes. How do you shorten, or lengthen the duration of the timeline so there is not so much empty space after the clips are all added or add more time if it is needed? Clicking on the 5 minutes on the end of the timeline will highlight it but not actually make a change to it.


  • Take a lookk to the right, next to the export is the settings wheel. There you can change the duration

  • I see the settings wheel when I am on a composite shot to set the length of individual composite shots but not on the editor screen to set the length of the overall project. When I go to export it does show the proper length of the actual project so as long as it is less than the default setting that would work, but what happens if the total project exceeds the default setting, will it extend the duration of the entire project automatically or do you have to start a new project with a longer default timeline and paste in the work already done. 

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    Composite Shots start with a default length that can be changed. The editor timeline starts at a default five minute length, but don't worry about changing it.

    When you're creating a Composite Shot you're creating a chunk of media intended to go into an Editor Timeline--so it's going to ask you for a duration for that individual shot (which, of course, you can changes via settings).

    Editor timelines are designed to be open-ended. After all, when you're cutting and pasting and timing and tweaking, you don't know how long the final program is going to be, so the Editor Timeline doesn't care. The default ZOOM is to five minutes, but there's no "default duration" for the Editor timeline. That would just get in the way of the editor workflow.

    When you export an Editor Timline, it's going to default to the "Content Length." If there's 45 seconds of content, it will render 45 seconds. If it's an hour of content, it will render an hour. If you want to render a smaller section of the Editor Timeline (say from 1:00:00 to 2:00:00, then set in/out point and change your export settings to "Work Area." This will import just that one minute that's selected.

    To change the zoom level of the Editor Timeline (because, say you don't need to see five minutes) then use the zoom level slider at the bottom/left of the layer stack.

  • Not true the comments above. To start, If you load, lets say a 5 minutes video in the time line, true, the project length gets up to 5 minutes. Now if you change in the time line the video speed, lets say to 50% (half speed), of course the video duration now is 10 minutes, but you wont be able to export it complete, neither the timeline changes to 10 minutes, it remains 5 minutes, and there is no option to change the project length. HitFilm bug? I dont know, it is just one more of the many basic things this program lacks

  • @OscarUnique when Hitfilm, or any NLE places a clip on a timeline a time range is determined in the timeline for that clip. Changing the speed on that clip does not and should not automatically change that time range. This would actually be undesirable behavior as, say, changing the speed of a clip early in an edit would then alter the timing of the rest of the edit. Vegas, Avid and Premiere show the same behavior. This isn't a bug or flaw in Hitfilm behavior, but industry standard behavior. If one drops a five minute clip on the timeline, then reduces speed to 50% then the Editor can drag that leading edge out. 

  • @Triem23 ; I've only read diagonally but I think I'm with @OscarUnique on that one, it does seem like a bug to me.

    For now a workaround would be to drag your updated clip on the editor sequence (after having changed the speed/duration) which will trigger the editor length resize.

  • @CedricBonnier you're saying the clip datablock's length  SHOULD update when changing speed with Speed/Duration? That would be unusual. Huh. I learned something! 

  • @Triem23 I've spent about 20s reading this so I may well have completely missed the point of the thread but if you drop one clip on the sequence, right click it and set speed to eg 10% (low enough for it to exceed the timeline duration) then the editor sequence duration is not updated.

    Now any movement of the said clip will trigger the check of timeline duration and update the timeline length accordingly.

    This does seem strange to me but did I miss something?

  • @CedricBonnier well, maybe I'm reading the question incorrectly. 

    Ok, I drag a 5 second clip to the Editor Timeline. I then set Speed/Duration to 50%. The clip length in the timeline remains 5 seconds. @OscarUnique is, I think, saying the clip length should update to 10 seconds automatically. 

    My response was "It shouldn't do that, nothing else does that."

    Once he drags out the right end of the clip things should open up. 

    Oscar, it's better to right-click on the video in the media bin and set frames per second there before dragging to the time line if you don't need to ramp speed.


  • Ok, I drag a 5 second clip to the Editor Timeline. I then set Speed/Duration to 50%. The clip length in the timeline remains 5 seconds. - @Triem23

    It does update to 10s. The behaviour is the same for the rate stretch tool and the speed / duration right click menu as they adjust the same property. What you're talking about sounds like the speed effect, which does not change the clip length (but as you said, can be animated, which is useful to create speed ramps).

    Maybe we're saying the same thing and just not understanding each other?

  • From what I got from the original comment made by @OscarUnique above, I think you started in the right direction, @CedricBonnier, but it somehow spun off into talking about clip length after rate stretching, which was only a portion of the original question.  The main part was about why the editor timeline doesn't instantly lengthen when a rate-stretched clip goes beyond the end of the timeline.  As you observed, moving the clip after stretching will trigger the editor to update its length, but logically (to me, and I believe to @OscarUnique as well) that trigger should have been hit when the rate stretch was first applied.  If someone doesn't know to move the clip to trigger the timeline extension, they're left wondering how to manually adjust the timeline length, which currently is not possible.

    IIRC, someone in another thread had a similar problem, only in their case they had dropped an hour's worth of material onto the timeline.  Naturally the timeline stretched appropriately, but once they were done editing, the timeline was still at an hour, which affected how it scaled as well.  They wanted to shrink it down closer to the length of their edit, but can't because that feature doesn't exist.

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    Yeah, I've had something like this problem and you have to take a bit of a leap in the dark and hope it'll work.

    So.. basically what you need is: If someone had a 5 minutes video on the default 5 minute timeline (so it's full) and they apply either the Speed Effect or the Rate Stretch Tool to adjust the speed (but without dragging) then the Editor should expand the timeline as if they had dragged it out, so they can manually drag it out into the extra space that is automatically created  if they choose to do so.

    Do not automatically resize the clip.

    Create the space they will need so they don't have to wonder if dragging beyond the end of the Editor timeline will do anything. If there is potential for something on the timeline, then make space for it in advance.

    Also auto-shrink if they remove that hour long video they accidentally dropped in the timeline.

  • For me, I think Hitfilm should never lengthen the NLE timeline unless and until I physically/literally try to put something beyond the end of the timeline.

    When you get within about 30 seconds of the end Hitfilm will lengthen the timeline. This during a clip move. When dragging the right edge Hitfilm will stop you from dragging beyond the NLE timeline end. This means the clip was more than 30 seconds or so from the timeline end. So you stop dragging. Hitfilm will then lengthen the timeline and you just drag that clip right edge some more.

    As an enhancement to current behavior. Hitfilm could allow us to keep moving/dragging beyond the NLE timeline end by dynamically lengthening and scrolling the timeline as long as we are still dragging.

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    I read all of your comments, I still don't get it. Can you instead take a photo where to click?  It will be much easier for me to look for it. I'm using HitFilm Express!



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    @Xx_Cedric_xX ; This is with Pro but the process is identical for any version of Hitfilm. And if you're in the Editor mode it works the same there as well except you start at a default of 5 minutes there and it will increase the length when you add a clip longer than that, but the IN/OUT points have to moved like I did in the video.

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