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I want to use the HitFilm denoiser in Vegas but when i save the project in

HitFilm the Videoclip in Vegas goes immediately offline.

Is there a workaround for this bug ??



  • don't know about the bug but denoising is very slow and processor intensive it just is, there's lots going on, if I'm denoising I'll do that and any initial colour correction and rough edit in one go render that out to an intermediary format and then use that as a master, it would I suspect be fairly painful to work live on it like this if it did work.

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    Make sure your Hitfilm clip is on the EDITOR timeline, not in a composite shot. The Vegas integration only looks at Hitfilm's Editor timeline. 

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    My clip is in Editor timeline ( send the clip from Vegas to Hitfilm ), then i make a composite shot from this timeline.

    This is working with many effects ( Autocontrast,Lensflare..) but when i use the denoiser and save the project the clip in Vegas goes offline.  It look that only the denoiser is not working in Vegas.

    Can someone confirm the "bug" ??


  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    I can confirm the "bug". Send the clip from Vegas to HitFilm, apply denoiser, save and exit Hitfilm. The clip goes offline and Vegas is no longer able to even open the hfp file BUT if I do "Save As" and save the HitFilm project under any other name and exit - everything works as expected

  • Hi

    If i save the Hitfilmproject under other name then the vegas clip dont have

    the denoiser effect.This not really helps.


  • Very strange.  Was easily able to reproduce this issue.  I'd submit a ticket/question on this.

    Disabling the effect wasn't enough - needed to be removed from the video to get Vegas to see it again.  Had the issue trying denoiser both in the editor and a composite used in the editor.

  • This is indeed a bug. Sorry about that, chaps. The devs are now aware of the issue and will be investigating.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    GOSH DARN-A-ROOTY Simon, you tell those devs that a software package with a mere 270 MILLION BYTES of coding done by a team of maybe 10 people needs to be perfect! Can't your guys scan 27 million bytes each in a week?! ;-)

  • Hi Simon

    Thx that you can confirm the bug,

    hope you team can fix the bug soon because the denosier

    is a really really really really useful effect.

    Maybe you can bring the denoiser as a plugin in vegas ??


    thx dieter

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