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Hi HitFilm,

My computer used to have HitFilm 2 express and I've download the free version before there was an update. Later, HitFilm 2 express had an update and I clicked it by accident. Now i can't export any movie projects. So what I was wondering if it was possible to have my HitFilm 2 express back (the free version). 


mathieu morson


  • Why can't your export any projects? What happens when you try to do so?

  • It says i have a trial version and can only export on Youtube. Even if i want to export to youtube then download it, it says i can only export 30 seconds of video.

    but thanks for responding

  • That means you're running in demo mode. Even if you have the free version of Express, you still have a serial code which you can use to activate the software. You should be able to access your details in your account: https://hitfilm.com/account/software

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