Mask >> Transform >> Scale keyframing broken

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Unless it's just me falling into some newb vortex, the following is borked...

  1. New composite shot
  2. New layer (plane) - colour it so you can see it
  3. Create circular mask in the middle of the plane
  4. Keyframe Mask -> Transform -> Scale
  5. Set first value to 0 - second value automatically sets itself to 0 (the link symbol is activated so this seems pretty normal)
  6. Move down the timeline a number of seconds
  7. Change the first value of scale back to 100 - the second value is now 10,000

    Woahhh Nelly.


  • Man the double spacing in this forum is generous.

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    Yeap, that seems like a bug.   I'd submit it.

    and Yeap, very generous with the spacing, though I think it's end of paragraph spacing that's the most generous.

  • @aarondc

    This bug was found when testing internally & has since been fixed. When the next update goes out the fix will be applied.

    Thank you for bringing it to our attention.


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