Audio would stop working after a few slices

I'm using the latest hf patch. Imported video clips and mp3s. Slicing them and moving them in editor. Later the sound is gone and can't hear the music either in scrubbing or playback but the audio track is filled with the sliced mp3 sounds. Audio just suddenly won't work.


  • Is this a new development after installing update #2? Or did you have similar problems previously? Is this related to new projects, or to older projects that you open in the new update?

  • I uninstalled the update and reinstalled HitFilm3Pro_x64_3.0.3608.03607
    Same thing happens when there's multiple audio tracks after slicing and rearranging.
    I didn't notice it before because I didn't have multiple audio tracks in editor before.

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    I had a go at this. Imported an MP3 placed in Editor time line and sliced it up then dup'd some of the slices on new tracks so I had 5 tracks with short audio clips and a 1 with a longer. Then imported a vid and placed on Editor time line Unlinked the videos original audio and deleted it.  This is where  I ran into a problem.  Frist the audio didn't play then HF stopped working.


    P.S. Latest update installed.

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