Freeze when adding clips over 2 mins to timeline

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I recently uploaded update ( 1- 20 -2015), restarted computer and went back to work. the start up of the program was quick but adding clips 5 mins or longer slows the program for 30 secs then continues if I only watch the clip, any other activity i.e move clip from que to time line or  an edit cut and the program stops again or freezes. any help would be appreciated


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    OK, a few questions. If you can answer them it will help FxHome staff start to figure out what's going on.

    First: Was this behavior happening before update #2?

    Second, System specs, please: CPU, GPU, RAM, OS. Also, are your drivers updated to the latest version? This is important, especially on NVidia GPUs.

    Third--what format are the clips? If they are DSLR clips, probably h.264 in an MOV file, yes? If so, and you're on Windows, there are some issues with lots of MOV clips in Hitfilm--this is because of Apple (QT for Windows in only 32-bit), but Update #2 has FxHome trying to work around these issues.

    Fourth, are you running any antivirus software? If so, try turning it off. Antivirus software doesn't play well with any NLE.


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    1)No 2) intel core i5, ram 16 gb, 64 bit os 3) Avchd 1080i/24 fps - I don't do Dslr,  Panasonic ag af 100 - 4) avast pro, on windows

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    That's a good start for the FxHome staff to think about. You didn't list your GPU, though.

    If I remember correctly, avast pro on windows has known issues with Hitfilm--avast tries to scan your files every time you access them, so it might be trying to scan your files every time Hitfilm needs to look at the media. That would slow it down. Try turning off avast then go into Hitfilm and see if that helps. If not, I'm sure FxHome staff will see this thread and they may have better ideas than a lowly user.

    You may consider opening a support ticket? It's possible you found a genuine glitch in the new update.

    Query--are you sure the af100 is giving you 1080 24*i* footage and not 24 *p* footage? 24-frame interlaced would be very unusual.

    Statement. Panasonic AVCHD footage is encoded with an h.264 (mp4) codec in an AVC wrapper. Hitfilm (like any NLE) doesn't really like to edit mp4 footage. It's heavily compressed, and your computer has to work hard to decompress it. Mp4 footage is another possible source for slowdown. I'm going to refer you to this thread: Scroll down and you'll se I wrote a long-ass post on converting mp4 to DnxHD which ALSO links to another article talking about WHY mp4 isn't good for editing. I don't feel like typing that all again. ;-)

    Also, I've had the opportunity to shoot on the Panny af100--it's a nice camera. You can get some good images out of it.

    Hope you solve your issue and get back to editing.

  • In your topic you mentioned clips over 2 minutes being problematic, but in the main message you say 5 minutes. Could you please clarify which it is?

    Is this happening in new projects, or only when you open up projects you were working on previously?

  • Simon, that would be New 5 mins. and longer, Triem - gpu is Nvidia Geforce 310. I'm having to use another editing program to cut sections into "bite size" for hitfilm3pro

  • Thanks for the extra info.

    The 310 GPU is very low powered. It's borderline in terms of whether it meets the minimum spec, and is probably below spec. It's simply not a GPU designed for intensive graphical work, so is never going to give particularly great performance in HitFilm.

    That said, I'm not sure why you'd have seen a performance shift after update #2. I'm talking to our tech guys about that one.

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