Can't run multiple instances of Hitfilm3

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Is there any way to open more than one project at the same time in Hitfilm 3?  In Hitfilm 2 it was possible to open more than one instance of the application.  It is very useful to be able to look at two projects at the same time when adding elements that have already been used in separate projects.



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  • Hey guys - quite a few programs have this restriction. The main reason we put it in HF3 was due to the way proxying works, which would have run into problems if there were multiple instances of HitFilm running at the same time.

    Additionally, however, multiple instances is something which has never actually been supported in the software. This meant that copy and pasting between multiple instances of HitFilm 1/2 could result in unpredictable results and unstable project files.

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    Ah, but now that we know the reason for the restriction we can say, "Oh, yes, makes sense!" 

  • I would love to look at 2 different comps at the same time....tweak one and see it update in the other.

    If you can do it now, let me know how.

  • Thanks Simon.. that's too bad because even if you cant copy and paste between instances, it is very useful to be able to see an instance open and copy values manually.    

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    Bear in mind that, while you can't have two instances of Hitfilm open at once, if you select "Load Composite Shot," you can actually load an entire Hitfilm PROJECT into another project. Importing a Hitfilm project as a composite shot will open a list of all comp shots in the imported project, and you can decide which ones to bring in. If you bring in a comp that requires and embedded comp and forget to flag the embed, Hitfilm will automatically grab the embed, anyway. From there, you can copy and paste within the priject file and delete the imported composite shots once you're done with them.

    So, while it would be nice to open two instances, there IS a workaround.

  • I'll also note that you can have multiple timelines open simultaneously, and adjust properties within them at the same time. You can only have a single timeline displaying in the Viewer at any one time, though.

    This means you can have the timeline of an embedded composite shot open in order to make adjustments, which can then be seen in the active parent composite shot.

  • @SimonKJones Just to clarify, in your last sentence, the "then" means "after switching to the parent composite shot", right? So, you can't have the viewer show a timeline that's different to the timeline currently opened on the timeline panel - or am I missing something? This would be a featured I have wished for for quite some time.

  • The Viewer will always show the 'active' timeline. But you can float a specific timeline and adjust its properties without making it 'active', while the Viewer is showing another timeline. Quite a useful trick if you're adjusting something in an embedded comp but want to see the result in a parent comp.

  • @SimonKJones - thats nice!  I've known you could float panels, but never thought of floating a composite.  I like that as long as you're just making adjustments, it doesn't switch the viewer since on some complex set ups it can be slow switching back and forth waiting for the viewer to update.


  • @SimonKJones That's interesting, I tried that but it didn't work for me. I floated one timeline and docked it to another container right below the second timeline, but I wasn't able to make an adjustment in either timeline without it getting focus and thus becoming the active timeline. Is that a bug on my machine then or am I missing something I have to do to make it work?

  • @Robin it needs to remain floated. If you redock it, it will autoswitch.

  • Ah, I see. Haven't thought about that. Neat little trick to keep in mind, thanks!

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    That IS a neat trick. 

  • Cool trick, Would be nice to get the same result w/o floating the comp...maybe a new option/icon in further versions? ;-)


  • Thanks Simon, that will help a lot.

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