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Putting it in this section. This is actually getting very annoying so I consider it a bug.

Group ripple of clips when moving them there's some strange behavior going on. Clips are shifting. I'm holding shift in this screen cap.

When I select a clip and drag to the right it should move all clips on the right together without creating some unwanted space like the video shows.
When I drag the clip to the left, again it creates additional space on the right and continouse to add unwanted space as you drag clips around.

Try it in vegas how it works the video might not be clear enough.


  • This has been bugging me a lot. Slice in video editing is not slicing the audio track that came with the video.

    So the sliced clips is useless. Serious issue in the video editor imho.

  • Well, this slice issue seems to be because after the first slice, the second parts of both tracks for some reason aren't linked to each other anymore. I doubt that this is a wanted behaviour so I'd too call it a bug - especially as the dedicated slice tool (the razor icon) does NOT show this behaviour, after using that the clips are still properly linked, at least for me here. So you could use that as a workaround until the problem gets fixed.

  • Also for the first post of yours... Yes, the ripple edit tool really shows some weird behavior just moving a few clips around... I haven't used it yet since I do next to no editing in HitFilm.

  • I hope they fix these bugs in the next patch. I do my video edits now in hf and will not upgrade vegas anymore.

  • @chibi just wanted to let you know that we're looking into this. Will get back to you once I have some info.

  • Update: the slice issue is a bug specific to using the Slice option in the menu, or the keyboard shortcut. If you use the slice tool, it slices and retains the link. If you use the menu or shortcut it breaks the link. We'll be looking to fix this in the next update.

    Holding shift does not perform a Ripple edit, it performs an insert edit (the default with no modifiers is an overlay edit). Having the Ripple tool selected only affects adjustments of the in/out point of a clip, not a full move.

    However, there may still be some odd behaviour relating to the insert edit, which I'm investigating.

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    Thanks for looking into it.  Here's a comparison of the ripple edit in vegas and hf. In vegas its a mode. When clicked, clips that are adjacent get dragged together. When pressing delete it autoripples perfectly. When ripple edit mode is off, dragging clips will overlay to other clips creating auto crossfades. Adjacent clips ofcourse don't ripple together when the mode is off.
    In HF its really strange behavior. I'm not pressing shift here but the offset still happens and there's no way to drag adjacent clips together without having to select them manually one by one. Moving clips over another is always auto cut insert.

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    (Sorry, my prior comment was on the wrong page....)

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