Search Box & FX Selection Problems

Howdy FXhome techs!

i5, GeForce 555M, 6GB,Windows 7

A few times I have encountered problems accessing effects through the search box. I can't place the cursor in the box and no letters get entered. If I close the program and reopen it the problems fixes itself but there was one time I had to reboot my computer and then it worked. 

I've also encountered not being able to select FX types from the dropdown box or get the 'all' selection to appear. I noticed too that I couldn't change an effect if the name of one i.e. 'glow' is still in the search box. I like the new effects interface- should it behave similar to the HF2U version? It's kind of a pain to have to clear the search box before selecting another effect.....or should it not work that way?


  • Sure- after posting this I haven't had a problem. Don't know what's going on there.

  • Hmm, keep us posted if you see this issue come up again, @StormyKnight.  And if possible, contact suport with steps to replicate it if it does return.

  • Will do, Axel.

  • edited December 2014

    So I was working on a project last night and experiencing no problems. This morning I opened up the same project and while I'm able to select the effects, the search box isn't working. In order to send the file on the support page, I removed some of the media to reduce file size and the search box started working again. Not sure how to replicate this since it happens when I select the project file after starting HF3P and it appears to be intermitent.

    If it happens again I'll try to take some video to demonstrate. Not really sure how to proceed from here. When I closed HF3P and reopened the same project, the search box worked again.

  • Another user did report a non-responsive UI, but that was the whole UI behaving oddly. I believe he's the only user to have reported that, as well. And given that yours is localised to the search box, it may well be an entirely different issue.

    Like Axel says, keep us posted, especially if you are able to replicate it.

  • I had something in this searchbox/Mediabox/effectbox as well, but only happened once. I had the effects open, then tried to scroll downwards, suddenly the box changed to media, this kept on going. After I restarted it has been gone. I did change the view of the windows like Simon had it in his projection tutorial. But as said it only happened once. 

  • SimonKJones - I saw the UI problem posted. It's kind of like that but like you said, localised to the effects display.

    StephansBilderwelt - Strange, I haven't had it switch to a different tab but I do have the classic view set up so the media and FX selections are seperate.

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