Not a big problem but when I go into 2d presets and use the water hose  preset it comes up as Blood on the programme but it  works as the water hose...Rick 1.


  • This is to be expected. The preset achieves it's look by tweaking the Blood effect.   If you adjust any effect and save it as a preset, the original effect names are still there.

  • Thanks for the reply sir, I am learning more each day...Rick

  • That's what I like about the Hitfim community,there is always someone there to help you with your questions.

  • Thanks, Rick! This brings up an important aspect of HitFilm's tools: just because an effect has a name, doesn't mean that its capabilities are entirely defined by that name. Hence, the blood spray effect can be used for some water, mud, paint etc effects.

    Lots of the effects can do stuff that we, the developers, haven't even thought of - if you look at some of @nullunit's atomic particle shots, we spend half our time trying to figure out how he's done it.

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