HitFilm 3 Pro: Using TAB key no longer works

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I don't know if this intended, but you can't use the TAB key anymore to insert several new values in the CONTROLS area. In HitFilm 2 you clicked on the first value of POSITION for example and the could enter 0-TAB-0-TAB-0 to reset the position. Now if you press TAB your changes in the value field are lost and the focus doesn't move to the next value anymore. Therefore you have to get used to a totaly new workflow with click-the-value-enter-the-value-press-ENTER for every single value you want to change. Is this an oversight or intended? If intended: How can I change parameters more easily? Thanks in advance!


  • FxHome is aware of this bug. Not certain if it's the short-term pipeline, but @SimonKJones noted in another thread that FxHome is aiming for a 12/08/14 bug-fix update. 

  • Thanks for the info!

  • I hope it's in the 12/08/14 release - it's very annoying :)

  • The TAB feature was actually problematic in HitFilm 2 so we're reworking the whole thing to make it work correctly in all cases. We'll keep you informed.

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