HF3 Trimmer issues

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Hello. First off, I just want to say that I could not be more excited for HF3, and I can't wait to learn all of it's new features. I've been a fan of FXhome since VisionLab Studio.

With that said, within minutes of trying out HF3 for the first time I've already run into a couple "minor" issues which I hope could be fixed in a future update.

The first one I noticed is that there is no way to use the trimmer based on a timecode alone. In HF2, the time at which the playhead currently rested at was displayed, making it possible to scrub through a long video file to find the pre-determined time to set in/out points at. I see no such option in HF3, and that makes it impossible to edit the sort of videos I am currently working on. Since the timecodes for the in/out points are already displayed to the left and right of the trimmer's timeline, it would be awesome if these could be double-clicked in order to manually select the exact time desired.

The other thing I noticed is that the space key seems to have no effect in terms of playing/pausing the viewer while the viewer is floating, unless the window itself is first clicked. This doesn't seem to be the case in HF2 so I assume this is a bug of some sort.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. As stated above, I could not be happier about HF3, and look forward to any future updates you guys may put out.


  • LittleshyFIM 

    Firstly, thanks for the feedback, the Trimmer is something that does need tweaking a little. But things are already being discussed as to how it can be improved, I do like your idea of the Timecode being editable & this has been suggested internally already. If you have any further suggestions do let us know. :)

    Your second point does feel like a bug & I have raised this to be looked at. Thanks again for your feedback. 

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